siddhi yoga teacher training india reviews
yoga teacher training reviews by Katrina from Malaysia

This is the place to learn yoga. It’s authentic in every way. I have learned so much about yoga, the philosophy behind it but most of all about myself. Learning correct alignment has unleashed a lot of pent up energies which involved facing a lot demons I’ve been holding in. I do feel that something has shifted in me.

I have met some wonderful people, fellow students and staff. Everyone has been so supportive to each other, it’s heart warming. I had my own dietary issues which was catered for as well.

My partner who didn’t participate in the yoga teacher training felt part of the yoga family, as he has been staying with me. It’s been so lovely. I can’t believe it’s been a month. It’s intense and the commune living has brought us closer together. We are all like a family.

India and teacher training here at Siddhi in Dharamsala has changed my life for the better. I feel confident that I can go out there and be the yoga teacher I wanted to be.

Thank you Siddhi yoga.

-Katrina, Malaysia
yoga teacher training reviews by Elsa from Canada

One of the key things you learn in the study of yoga is not to have expectations. That said, if you DID have expectations of a yoga teacher training facility in India- they would surely be exceeded at Siddhi Yoga in Dharamsala! The website is clear and accurate and communications with Meera pre-booking were always prompt.

The new location at the Aryan Hotel is surrounded by nature with impressive mountain views, spacious, clean and run well by the in-residence staff. The food was amazing, balanced and cleanly prepared – I did not experience any stomach issues during my stay!

Tara Ji, Prem Ji and Dr. Amrita were generous with their knowledge and explanations. Learning from them was a treat and felt like you were coming home smarter after spending a day with your best friends.

I would recommend this course not only to those who are looking to become teachers but also to those just wanting to deepen and improve their practice.

I will miss my Siddhi Yoga Family like crazy when I return home, I never laughed so hard in my life. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

-Elsa, Canada
yoga teacher training reviews by Jacinta from Australia

I have just completed my first yoga training with Siddhi. I have really enjoyed my experience here and would recommend this training center to beginners and advanced yogis! I have been practicing for over 10 years and doing teacher training has changed everything positively for my alignment, understanding of the anatomy of the body and interest in yoga philosophy.

Furthermore this company offers Delicious and nutritious yogi meals. If you don’t know what yogi meals are I advice googling it, especially if you have diet requirements.

I was super happy with my king size bed and large room. The bathroom was just like any Asian bathroom functional not modern, this wasn’t an issue for me. I was really happy with the cleaning and laundry service and felt comfortable and safe in the hotel.

Lastly the staff were all amazing and unique in there own way. Our two yoga teachers Tara and Prem were both calm, supportive, knowledgeable, experienced, respectful and beautiful humans. The Anatomy and Philosophy Teacher Dr. Amrita was a beautiful women with great knowledge and experience with a lovely welcoming warm heart. I enjoyed learning with each teacher and will be forever grateful for having the chance to do my teacher training with them.

The hotel staff were also very trust worthy, kind, friendly and caring.

Over all I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I love the country, mountains, yoga and Indian culture.

Much love

-Jacinta, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Rajini from India

The most inspiring, knowledgeable and kind people I have ever met.. deepest gratitude to Sandeep, Gaurav, and Ritesh.. You have truly put a new meaning to life.Wish you all every success and hope that you spread your knowledge to many.

-Rajini, India
yoga teacher training reviews by Ana from Spain

The most amazing experience in Goa!! Learning at all levels, physically and mentally, with the best teachers one could ever wish for: Ritesh, Sandeep and Gaurav. They shared so much yoga knowledge (alignment, philosophy, history and anatomy) with us, and also shared laughter, smiles and great encouragement every day. This was so much better than what I had in mind, it completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much Siddhi Yoga team!!!

-Ana, Spain
yoga teacher training reviews by Marc from Australia

One of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life. Such a beautiful month of transformation and lessons facilitated by such generous and knowledgeable teachers. Would highly recommend.

-Marc, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Julia from United Kingdom

I had the most amazing time in Goa with incredible teachers and a lovely group of people to share it with! I couldn’t recommend this course more. I learnt so much more than I could have ever imagined and had so much fun! I’m home now and dream of going back every day. Thank you so much.

-Julia, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Taylor from Canada

The experience I shared with Siddhi, in Goa this last February, was far greater than words can describe. The wholesome approach to teaching mind, body, and soul, truly emanated the essence of yoga. I learnt more in this course I ever thought imaginable, and would do it many times over if given the chance. A true blessing.

-Taylor, Canada
yoga teacher training reviews by Francesca from United Kingdom

This 200 hours course in Goa exceeded all my expectations. The wisdom, generosity and kindness of Ritesh, Sandeep and Guarav was phenomenal and their teaching skills are second to none. I have come away with a far greater understanding of yoga than I though possible in such a short time. They were always willing to answer questions, to explain and showed such patience with all of us. I feel confident that I will remember what I have learned and that I have started on a truly wonderful yogic path. If you are thinking of taking this course, you will not find better teachers. Yoga is so much more than asanas! The location is wonderful, the food was perfect and I felt part of a truly inspirational group. Go if you can!

-Francesca, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Nat from United Kingdom

I just completed my 200hrs YTT with Siddhi in Rishikesh and have to say how amazing the whole experience has been. Firstly the teachers are the best. So thorough, helpful and knowledgeable. The support staff were also fantastic and nothing is too much trouble. The schedule is tough some days but the support you get just gets you through those days. The accommodation is comfortable and well placed with all the things you need to learn and enjoy your stay and always plenty of yogic food to help you in your transition. Rishikesh itself is a very welcoming and warm town, you will make friends, see life and fall in love with this town and with India! From the booking to settling back in at home, the staff hold your hand, see you through and check you after to make sure you are ok. I really can’t recommend Siddhi highly enough – there’s no one else you should think about taking this training with and 5 stars isn’t enough to illustrate how this will change you and stay with you forever. Thanks Meera, Sumit, Sumit, Sandeep, Karan and Kamal – you made it unforgettable.

-Nat, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Cristen from Canada

The course was very intense. The teachers were of the highest quality and very helpful. I felt fully prepared for the world of yoga teaching. I wish I could go back and keep doing Astanga Yoga with Sumit. Rishikesh is beautiful place. I feel so lucky to have had Sandeep as a philosophy teacher and as a Hatha yoga teacher. It was the opportunity of a life time. The team at Siddhi Yoga met every request that I had. The food was delicious and the room was nice. They even gave me a heater because I was there in January and it get cold at night. The quality of the course was very exceptional. I met people from all over the world and made lots of new friend. It was a trip I will never forget.

-Cristen, Canada
yoga teacher training reviews by Georgia from Australia

I attended Siddhi Yoga Rishikesh in January 2018. My feelings are fairly mixed. The teachers were exceptional, and produced a very high quality training, and seem to really believe in improving and educating their students. The accommodation is marketed as basic, but it was definitely less than that, being both filthy and without some basic conveniences. I didn’t find Siddhi to be very good as a teacher training course, I would describe it more as a yoga training course. At Siddhi you only have a single, twenty minute experience of teaching your own class, whereas other teacher training courses that friends have attended will have you teaching every day. Rishikesh itself as a city is a really lovely place to spend a month as you learn about Indian culture. I never once felt unsafe and it’s surrounded by beautiful scenery.


-Georgia, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Mary from Ireland

There is not enough stars in the universe for me to use to give this review. I was lucky enough to do my 200hrs in Goa.

Ritesh, Guarav and Sandeep are 3 of the best humans beings I have ever met in my life. Their expert level of teaching is secondary, to watching them walk through life with such kindness and patience. The true yogic way, no judgement, just love.

This experience has changed my life forever. The kindness, love and patience they showed all of us is something I will never forget and will always be in my heart.
The knowledge that these guys hold and there willingness to share it with us is heartwarming.

I’ve no doubt in my mind, if you are lucky enough to come across these guys in life, you will leave with exceptional knowledge of yoga/yoga way of life, confidence to make an exceptional teacher and a warmth in your heart that if you don’t follow through and try and share with the world what you have been taught, you will be doing the world an injustice.

Thank you everyone at Siddhi yoga for the opportunity.

-Mary, Ireland
yoga teacher training reviews by Jess from Switzerland

I just finished my TTC Teacher Training in Goa. It was a wonderful stay here. Everything was perfect, the accommodation, the food and the location of the Hotel was brilliant. Right next to a beautiful beach..! What can you expect more? Also the teachers were full of knowledge and so kind and helpful every time. Gaurav, Sandeep and Ritesh you are the perfect triangle. I will miss this time here and all of you hope to see you again one time.
Hugs and kisses from the Swiss Chees.

-Jess, Switzerland
yoga teacher training reviews by Victoria from United Kingdom

Have just completed the 200hr YTT in Goa. Couldn’t have asked for better teachers; all 3 are so knowledgeable, amazing and inspiring. I have learned so much here and now feel ready to step into the yoga world with confidence. Thank you so much! ❤

-Victoria, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Leah from Australia

Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training in Goa has been one of the most important and enjoyable months of my life! The setting in Goa is idealic – less than a minute walk to the sunsets and the sea makes the choice of studying here a both a valuable learning experience and a relaxing holiday. The highlight beyond all else is the quality of teaching – Ritesh, Gaurav and Sandeep have seemingly boundless amounts of knowledge and positivity to share! ✨ 🦋 🙏🏽 💕

-Leah, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Tamina from Germany

I completed my 200 Hour TTC in January. It was an amazing experience. Great place and amazing teachers. I highly recommended this Training in Goa.

-Tamina, Germany
yoga teacher training reviews by Rachael from United Kingdom

The teachers at Dharamshala Siddhi Yoga were great and always willing to help us out with any questions we had. Tara and Prem were the best yoga instructors with clear and precise instructions. Prems meditation sessions were really varied and different and always a joy to attend. The school is also in a lovely location by the mountains and not too far from Mcloudganj where you can visit the Dalai lama temple.

-Rachael, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Nathalie from Côte d'Ivoire

It was a wonderful experience with great teachers, an amazing group and surrounded by energetic mountains and beautiful nature.

Dharamshala has a lot of very friendly inhabitants which makes the area very worth exploring too.

The teaching is very professional and fun at the same time, so you feel definitely filled up with good yoga knowledge and ready as well as confident enough to teach your first classes after this months.

High recommendations for Siddhi Yoga.

Warm regards.

-Nathalie, Côte d'Ivoire
yoga teacher training reviews by Jane from Australia

I completed my 200 hour YTT at Dharamshala in December 2017. I am a Physiotherapist from Australia and I wanted to learn to teach yoga that had a strong focus on alignment and would lead me towards a therapeutic style of yoga. I was not disappointed I can recommend this whole experience.

My head teacher Tara Datt is wise beyond his years, deeply knowledgeable , supportive, encouraging and fun. As we each learned to teach he was able to gently guide us as individuals and as a group towards a deeper personal practice and to a place where we can confidently begin our teaching practice.

I’d never done much Vinyasa flow before but our Vinyasa teacher Prem has given me a love for it. He also gave me a very strong core and a sore belly from laughing. Another wise and knowledgeable and amazing young man.

Dr. Amrita our philosophy and anatomy teacher is a delight. For me with a Physiotherapy background the anatomy was very simple . However our long philosophical discussions in the Dharamshala sunshine were wonderful. Dr Amrita has given me a great desire to continue to learn.

I have gained something truly special from my time .. I feel a deep peace and happiness.

-Jane, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Valentina from Canada

I had the privilege to take my 200hr YTT with Siddhi in Dharamshala and it was one of the best experiences I had in my life. All my teachers were incredible! The staff was super helpful, the resort was beautiful overlooking the stunning Himalayas & Manjeet’s cooking was from another world I swear! Everything was amazing, I couldn’t recommend this school more.

-Valentina, Canada
yoga teacher training reviews by Martina from Australia

What a course! What a place! The teachers are exceptional and on top of providing a solid education they look after every individuals wellbeing. It was great to experience that the tutors live what they teach. I learned so much about yoga, life, culture, philosophy, humans, anatomy, chakras, karma, meditation, myself and humanity. I made myself the best Christmas present ever, with the decision to do the 200 hour teacher training with Siddhi Yoga in Dharamsala in December over Christmas 2017. I can’t wait to gather enough personal experience in teaching and then do the 300 hours training with Siddhi! Miss the people and the place, ALOT!

-Martina, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Dale from United Kingdom

I recently completed my 200RYT training at Dharamsala, and i can say i had truly wonderful experience! The setting was beautiful, with the mountain’s powerful presence. The teaching was a very high standard and the teachers took time to ensure that questions were answered and the core principles were understood by everyone. Good vegetarian food, with more than enough 🙂 I made connections and friends i will never forget, and left having gained a more complete knowledge and understanding of my body and my mind; their limits and their potential, with yoga in my life.

The opportunity for the soul to grow. Thank you Tara, Dr Amrita, Prem, Sonu and everyone who worked at POPS and made us welcome during our stay. ‘There is nothing missing, but you can always add more’ Namaste, you lovely people.

-Dale, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Esther from United Kingdom

I have just completed my yoga teacher training in Goa. I finish the course feeling stronger in my body and mind. Loved the course. The teachers have been so knowledgeable.

-Esther, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Josh from United Kingdom

It was an amazing experience and I loved every moment. Expanded my family and met some amazing people along the way. It’s really changed my life!

Thank you all so much!

-Josh, United Kingdom
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