Yoga 101

Yoga 101 has everything you need to know about building your yoga practice!

Whether you’re a yoga teacher or a full-time student, we’ll help you cultivate your practice and transform your life.

From tips and tricks to practicing yoga both in and outside the studio, to different ways to incorporate yoga into your life off the mat. For all our teachers out there, we’ve got resources for you, too—whether you’re just starting out or need new ideas on how to sequence and spice up your classes!

We’ve got wisdom—old and new—from yoga masters and modern instructors to pass on to you. If you’ve found yourself aching for extra motivation to practice or you just want to live and breathe yoga, this is the place to be.

We’ll provide answers to your questions about why we feel the way we do when we’re on the mat and advice on how to build consistency in your practice. Take some time to scroll through our Yoga 101 category, and get all your yoga questions answered!

Whether you’re looking to gain more flexibility in your joints or heal a broken heart, we’ll show you how yoga can assist you in doing so.

Yoga is more than just learning how to do a handstand or practicing all day, every day. It truly is a way of life.

Our aim is to show you different ways to be a yogi. To give you options for your practice and tools that will you help grow, not just as a yogi, but as a human being.

We’ll talk about pranayama, asana, meditation and personal transformation. No matter where you are in your practice or your life, we have something to share with you.

And for those history lovers out there, we’ll even throw in some history of yoga—how it started, the basic foundations of the practice and much more.

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