Video Transcription – Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III Pose)

Namaste friends

I am Ritesh here and today our topic is a superman the great warrior also known as flying dragon pose or in simple terms Warrior 3 or Virabhadrasana 3. A posture that is energizing grounding meditator, one of the mentally challenging postures, it makes you aware of past, present & future. Friends its an advance level standing balancing pose before we get into a little bit more detail, its important to understand the contraindication or caution you want to take care of.

So women with pregnancy or mensuration please avoid this pose because it creates too much of heat internally. People with high blood pressure just don’t do it, okay chronic injury to the legs or to the back please avoid it also the shoulders so avoid overarching your back when you are doing Warrior 3. So try to keep your body in one straight line, in fact, the whole body is parallel to the flow.

Friends because its an advanced level pose we require to prepare our-self so when you talk about preparation we need to work on some balancing poses before right a great strengthener so some poses that will give you a great balance. So a tree pose would be great then anything that is balancing such as a warrior 1 would be great angeneyasana that is a high lunge would be great. So keep yourself a little bit more worked out before you are into a warrior 3 pose. Friends now lets get into the practice, so as usual when ever we start we always start with Tadasana standing tall your chin is parallel, my shoulders are relaxed I keep my hands on my hip. Now there are various ways getting into a warrior 3 you can getting from downward facing dog or you can get it by high lunge. So today we focus on high lunge, so tall yourself take your right leg forward once again keep yourself tall.

Now let the whole weight transit on your right leg so I move forward right keep my weight  on the left toe I maintain now lifting it up if you are comfortable here, please maintain here engage your core shoulders are down and don’t forget to smile maintaining it moving forward slowly and gently keep lengthening the neck keep your toes in maintaining it lengthening now that is the first way of holding it very gently. If you have any shoulder issue you can always keep the hands on the hip so moving lengthening lengthening and from here I can straighten my arms and get into the full expression of the pose. My neck is long  I am not taking my neck in this position and I am not pulling my arms like that I check that my shoulders are down and relaxed.

Don’t make it somewhere where you are lengthening it to out I need the shoulders down. Let’s try it on the other side so once again standing in Tadasana take my left leg tall myself, I don’t pop out my ribcage in and I transit my weight on my left,  lift it up moving forward, forward lengthen my neck is long, my shoulders are down its not this, its down right leg. Relax and breathing I lengthen the arms slowly and I maintain that pose.

Avoid arching your back  too much and getting into that position. There is a lot of compression at your lower back if you arch your back. Give me a straight line even the legs are down, its completely fine. Friends that is your warrior 3. Do it is great to strengthen your legs, your abdominal and it tones your core muscles at the same time. It is great for digestion and elimination friends. It creates a lot of heat internally so it is a great way to weight loss a great way to get into a weight loss practice.

Friends that was your warrior 3 or Virabhadrasana also known as Suparman pose or drawing or flying dragon pose. Friends in case you like my video don’t forget to hit the like button and do subscribe also if you have suggestions please mention in the comment section below.

Namaste 🙂