Video Transcription – Utthita Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose)

Namastey! My name is Sandeep. Today we are going to learn Extended Side Angle Pose also called as Utthita Parsvakonasana or Parsvakonasana.

Friends, it is a standing strengthening asana also its a between beginners and intermediate level asana. Friends, this asana anatomically, effects the ankle, the knees, the abdomen, the chest, the belly and also the spine and the shoulders. This asana actually strengthens the ankle and the thighs alongwith the knees It stretches the abdomen organs, the waist region also the chest, the lungs, the shoulders alongwith the groin. Its very good for the organs inside the abdomen as it stimulates the abdomen. Friends, those who have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, those who have insomnia, they should avoid this practice. Also, if you have headaches, painful headache avoid the practice.

Let’s see how to perform this practice. So the distance between the feet, is three and a half feet, full feet. So feet apart. Remember friends, you can increase this distinction whenever you feel comfortable, so you can have a nice stretch. But don’t overdo it because its strain start coming instead of making the posture easier, it becomes strains. So hold nicely, outer edges are active, quads are engaged, knee caps are engaged, pelvis is neutral, feeling long and tall in the chest and also in the neck and the head position. Now, genitally turn the left foot a little inside and then turn the right foot out. After turning the right foot out, make sure still the quads are engaged and both the heels are travel in one line. Friends after taking the position, lot of time the pelvis turns. Make sure both the points, moving the right, upper thigh outside and left so the pelvic point is there in front of you.

Quads are engaged, now we bend the legs in such a way whether the shins works vertical to the floor or the knee and the ankle one line and this knee is actually moving at the line of the 2nd toe at the line of the center of the ankle. If you want to get more stretch or intensed, you can let this leg moving right. Now, friends what we are going to do is going to slowly move behind so you can open the hands at 180 degree and slowly inhale. As you inhale bring the right hand on the thigh and keeping the right palm by the side facing upto the sky. The knee and the heel in one line. You are actually sitting comfortably on this position. Now, raise your left hand as you breathe in the upper arm close to the head. Head is exactly in the center not bringing hand too close and not bringing the hand too up or dangling from the head, not bringing the shoulder to be up. Let’s have the space between the shoulder and the ear. You are actually nice and strong. You are moving from the  heel, stretching all the way leftual side upto the tip of the fingers. Extend. Keep this behind leg firm because that is going to create brake like an anchor.

First hold for a while. Don’t let the front part collapsed. Let’s the waist region open, the chest region open. Let’s go to the shoulders open. Only if you are comfortable, you can come down. Better to use a block because when you use a block, you are not compromising your posture. Lots of people, when they want to come down, they round. No, we dont want that. We want this to have a nice extended position that’s what the name of the asana is extended. Extend yourself. If this is maintain, just breathing for a while, extend breathe,no. nice and talk. Tip of the finger to the heel of the left hand active. Comfortable, come down. Comfortable, come for the ground. Hold for few breathes. As you inhale, bring the hands at 180 degree, straighten the legs as you exhale to release your hands and feel close. Friends, this is a little strengthening asana and this is why do it a little by little. Better to do it less and do it correctly and doing it wrong and straining the muscles.

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