Video Transcription – Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose)

Namastey! My name is Sandeep. Friends, today we are going to learn Extended Puppy Pose also called as Uttana Shishosana. This is a backward bend posture and it can be practice by a beginner also. If you see anatomically, it affects the chest, the heart, the lungs, the abdomen also shoulders and the brain along with the spine. It stretches the spine beautifully along with the shoulders.

Also, this asana is very beneficial for people who have anxiety, people who have depression, people who have insomnia, people who have headache, people who have neck problem, they can practice this asana. This asana also stretches and increases flexibility in the spine.

Contraindications: Those who have knee problem, they should cushion the knees by either using the blanket or they can fold the mat, so that the strains on the knees is less.

So, now see how to practice this asana. So for this you will have to come on your force or take a table top position. Come to table top position, shoulders and the wrist in one line, hip and the knee in one line. Now friends, we will keep the buttock there only and with inhalation, slowly walk a little forward. Don’t drop the elbow down. Let the elbows remain a little active, as we keep the elbow a little active, it is important to stretch the upper back resting the forehead on the ground. Friends when you rest the forehead on the ground, try to have a stretch which is moving the hands in the forward direction and pressing the upper back down. Also feel as if the hip bone is going behind actually. The buttocks are moving a little back behind so we can stretch a lower back also. Stretching the hands will stretch the upper back, stretching the buttocks a little behind will stretch the lower back, so nice stretch on the spine. Walk forward use your palms on the floor, let’s your buttocks a little behind, keeping your elbow straight, stay just bend, press, opening the chest, pressing the armpits, opening the shoulders out. Keep breathing here for a while. Increase the arch, stretch by pushing the buttocks a little behind, breathe for few seconds and come back slowly. Inhale, walk slowly forward and release. You can relax in a Balasana, child pose or you can sit in a vajrasana.

Friends this particular practice is nice to open the spine, stretch the spine. Most of the times we bend forward, so this particular practice is good to open the spine in a backward direction increasing aligning and also keeping the spine in its neutral condition.

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Thank you for watching the video. Namastey!