Video Transcription – Utkatasana (Chair Pose)


My name is Sandeep. Today we are going to learn chair pose also call it Utkatasana. This Utkatasana is  a standing or strengthening asana. It also strengthens the body beautifully. It is in between the beginner and intermediate level asana. Anatomically if we see it affects the heart it affects the lungs it affects the belly it also affects the ankles, the knees, the thies, the back and also the arms of the shoulders. This particular asana helps to strengthen the arms  also the shoulders it also strengthens the ankle the carves and the thies. This particular asana is very beneficial for having a good body actually because when you hold this position nicely your whole body starts becoming stronger. Friends when you do this asana it will also help you to reduce flat feet those who are having flat feet it is beneficial for them because slowly slowly arches of the feets starts becoming active also if you notice it actually stimulates and strengthens the orbits of the abdomen also the diaphragm and also the heart so this asana is a very beneficial asana. Those who have flat feet especially this can be good for them.

Now the contraindications those who have headache, insomnia, those who have low blood pressure they should avoid the practice. Friends let us see the practice, in this practice you sit as if assuming that you are sitting on the chair. It requires a nice thigh so what you can do is you can take the support of a block. Keep a block in between and press the thighs so that the thighs are internally rotated and engaged. Very important to keep this engaged so that the strain on the lower back will be less. I’ll do without a block so both the hands will be lifted you are standing Tadasana so as you inhale raise your hands up and as you exhale you sit down and hold here for a while. Let us watch in site view – you are standing with either feet together or feet little apart if you are beginner let the feet bit apart if you want a challenge let the feet close now raise your hands up as you breath in and as you breathe out you drop your hands you drop your buttocks behind as if the weight is coming little more towards the heel and the buttock is going behind the knees will not travel to much forward the knees will travel just a little forward and you are sitting nicely as if the thigh slowly and slowly can become parallel to the floor even if it does not become that is fine. Keep your arms engaged shoulders relax nicely and feel as if the tailbone is drawing down towards the floor. Feel as if this particular upper part of the thigh the head of the thigh is going towards the heel that makes leg nice and strong and it will not straight. Hold this position for few breaths engage the core. Hold for about 10 – 15 seconds and as you inhale come up and when you exhale come down.

Friends, legs are pillars of the body if the legs are strong you will be able hold yourself  also nicely so this particular asana helps to have a nice and strong legs.

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