Video Transcription – Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Namastey! My name is Sandeep. Today we are going to learn Sukhasana or Easy Pose. Friends as the name suggests, how to remain comfortable and easy, that’s what even Pantanjali really talks about this asana. The definition of Pantanjali’s asana is Sthiram Sukham Asanam, a standing in a comfortable pose. So this posture actually reminds us of how we can remain in a comfortable or sukh or in a very easy state.

As we do this asana, continuous reminder should also be there that all the other asana should slowly and slowly be practiced should become easy like this, comfortable like this. When we do this asana friends, anatomically the ankles, the knees, the thighs and the hips is effected also the spine, the lower back is affected.

If you see the benefits of this asana, this asana is quite relaxing, it calms, also very good for depression. Friends, this asana, when we do, it helps to make the spine stronger, the lower back stronger. It can also help us to understand of how to sit up right. When we do this asana, this asana is also very good for pregnancy. They can sit very comfortably in this position, also good for sciatica. Now, those who are having a lot of anxiety and asthma, this asana can be also very good for them.

Just to keep in mind, that when you have strain in your knees or if you are having knee pain, then you have to avoid this or make some modifications. Now, lot of people, they have very tight at this position, so what is Sukhasana. Sukhasana is when you sit in this position comfortably, where the outer edges of the feet and the buttock bone is on the ground. Now, those people have two tight hip, groin area, two tight hip flexors, hip extensors they can use block, so that they can sit comfortably. Sometimes, when the knees is too high, they can use block like this and sit comfortably. If they find difficult and sometimes they can use the hand also, but slowly, slowly with practice, the knees starts coming down as the groin in the hip area starts loosing as the buttocks and the hamstrings starts loosening. It will help, if you are sitting in this position. Later on slowly you can remove and also become like this under the thigh. It’s quite comfortable.

Now, one thing to keep in mind, when you sit like this, spine is very important because after arranging the support for the legs, it is very crucial to keep the back to align the back in the right way. So we should feel as if we are sitting on the sitting bones and keeping the back nice and tall. There is an extension, extension happening from the lower back feeling the centre of the body, the stern, the head region, the crown to the head region is being pulled up to the ceiling. So, the back will become nice and tall and the head should also become nice and tall, the neck should become tall in this. If you sit on the sitting bones, then your body will be directed, be straightened nicely.

Let’s watch this from the side. I want to make this very important point. When we sit, if you can sit in Sukhasana to keep the back straight, make sure that you are not exasurating the lower back forward. Just try to feel you are sitting on the sitting bones. You can see I came actually a little behind and I am lined with my back straight, I don’t have to push my lower back too forward. I have to just bring my buttock bone feeling the buttock bone getting closer, getting firmer, getting rooted on the ground. So rooting the buttock bone, the moment I root my buttock bone I sit on my sitting bones, I can feel nice and tall. We don’t want to over exasurate the back. It is sitting on the sitting bone and becoming comfortable and also becoming comfortable at the legs by either placing the block or making things easier so that you can hold the position with ease.

Sukhasana is a starting point also for entering into other practices. Slowly, slowly the Sukhasana can get converted, changed into other Padamasana, half Lotus, and complete Lotus as the hip area starts opening.

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