Video Transcription – Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

Namaste Friends!

My name is Sandeep today, we are here to learn Bridge course also call it Setu Bandha Asana this asana is a backward bend asana If you see anatomically when we perform this asana there are a lot of areas that get affected right from the neck, the throat, also the chest, the lungs also the heart gets affected it is also affecting the bladder, liver and the kidneys it impacts the pelvic area and the abs and the abdomen also if you see it also stretches the hip flexes really nice to stretch the hip flexor and make them strong it also is very good for the spine now Friends when we perform this asana the benefit are tremendous when you do this asana it can actually help to stretch the neck area, stretch the chest area stretch also the back area also, it is seen that when we do this asana it helps to relieve the strain, it relaxes the brain so it releases the strain the stress and also very good for mild depression friends when we perform this it stimulates.

Stimulates the thyroid gland also it stimulates the chest and the lungs and all the organs which are there inside the organ when we see this it also helps to rejuvenate actually the legs, it releases the tiredness from the legs and very good for digestion friends now if you have some problem related to menopause and menstrual cycle, this asana is very good for it. It also helps to relieve anxiety it also helps to relieve stress, it also very good to remove the fatigue, the backache friends, when we do this asana, this asana is magical if perform well it is very therapeutic for the people who have asthma it can increase the lung capacity friends, those who have high blood pressure and when they perform this well under guidance it can be helpful for them actually one last thing when you perform this asana if you have sinusitis also some extend osteoporosis this asana can also be very good for it now, just to keep one thing in mind when you perform this asana if you have injured neck, if you have a cervical issue, do this carefully now let us see how to perform this asana so this is a supine asana, you lie down on your back and you perform this asana, Setu bandha asana is call is Bridge so the body depicts like a Bridge more than that it is also building an inner connection the connection of the Body, Breath, and mind and later on connection also towards the spirit so bending the leg and the knee now a lot of people what they do is they hold the ankle and bringing the heel too close to the buttock or maybe the side of the buttock the moment I do this, the pelvis goes to it anterior pelvic tilt when lower back starts lifting up and as I lift my knee will go forward which is not very good for this that is the reason when you perform this your knee and heel should come in one line so don’t bring the heel too close to the body, too close to the buttock let it be little away and the distance between the feet is hip with, hip with distance don’t let the knee fall too much out, don’t let the knee also fall too much inside, hip with distance, the knees are aligned to the toes now what we do is we keep the hands by the side of the body and as we do so we roll the shoulders rolling the shoulders allows the opening of the sternal and the chest also as we start lifting we should feel as if we are may be using glutes tightening the glutes a little so that the strain in the lower back can reduce.

It was a lot of time when we lift those who have a week back they will find a lot of strain in the lower back so just tighten the glutes the moment you tighten the glutes the abdomen, the pelvis region will also get little tighten the core will be active and then it becomes easy also to sustain friends when we do this after tightening the buttocks, as we go up just feel that you are lifting vertebrae by vertebrae, becoming aware of how the spine is moving from the lower back up to the middle back higher and then finally the upper back and then we will roll the shoulders so first we will do only bridge where the shoulders and the knees are inclined and then the second variation we will stretch little more so tightening the buttock and lifting the lower back, middle back, upper back.

Rolling the shoulders.

Holding the position keeping the buttocks little active, keeping the core also active. We can feel a nice stretch in the pods making the — good, strong hold this position for a few breaths when you breathe in you can slowly let the chest open up, let the abdomen come out and when you breathe out the abdomen are fall and the chest will collapse continuing breathing in this position for maybe about 2-3 minutes and as we went up, in the same way, we will come down from the upper back, middle back and finally to the lower back and then let the buttocks down it is seeing when the buttocks come down there is a feeling of relief actually relax there for a while they can practice again now we will increase the stretch so that we can open this area upper back chest area nicely so for this we will tighten the buttocks first and lift, lifting the lower back, middle, upper back then what we can do is we can interlock the fingers from the down after interlocking the fingers, we will roll the shoulders and then try to move the chest diagonally, not bringing the chest down towards the thore but diagonally moving the chest just watch like this hold in this position for some time keep breathing keep breathing, buttocks are active, fore is active. Keep breathing and finally when you want to release the first release your hand then relax the upper back, middle back, and the lower back friends, Bridge Pose is a very nice asana because it affects a lot of parts of the body. Bridging, connecting, reducing the distance if you can perform this asana slowly we can also learn of how to bridge of how to connect, connect with ourself, also connect with others and finally what Yoga is connection of the individual soul with the supreme soul also dear Friends if you like my video hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so that you can get updates of new videos if you have any feedback any suggestions write to us those are very valuable for us if you want us to cover any particular subject related to Yoga also write to us we will try to cover that in near future thank you for watching see you soon!