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I’m Ritesh and today our focus is Parivritta Trikonasana. It’s an asana that is sequenced after trikonasana in ashtanga vinyasa and it is a preparatory pose for seated forward bends and twist. Its an intermediate level standing forward bend and it is a deep detoxifying twist. Friends before we get into the pose, we need to be very careful when you are focusing on people. If you have some blood pressure or some migraine or diarrhoea or a headache and insomnia. So just be careful when you practice these, at the same time just be aware, listen to your body at times, you feel good at times if you are not feeling good, just take a break.

Friends before we get into parivratta trikonasana. It’s very important that you stretch yourself. Prepare yourself by doing side angle pose, low or high lunge or a tree pose, that is vrikshasana or prasarita paduttanasana that is wide leg forward bend, a standing wide leg or a seated wide leg, whatever you feel comfortable at a side angle pose. So friends let’s start the posture with the side angle pose. So friends let’s break down this posture into two parts, first is the foundation how our leg should be, where should be the blocks  and the second is the twist. So let’s get started coming up. So you need to prepare yourself into a side angle pose. So you start with the Tadasana. So once again my arches are active. I tall myself I’m in Tadasana, my chin is parallel. Now before that I need to take two blocks and I keep that blocks here. Now once again standing tall in Tadasana. Check activate core is engaged, ribcage not popping out. Its inline with your pelvis, your shoulders are down, your neck is long, your chin is parallel and don’t forget to smile.

Okay you don’t have to be very serious when you are doing it. So from here I tall myself. Now there are various variations to get some people take it back, some take it forward, now if you are taking your foot forward because I can see what I’m doing. So from here I take my leg that is my left leg to a 45 degree angle and the right leg just gets ahead forward. Now friends that’s my position, now from here, I try to keep my hips square. So it’s not going this, the hips are facing in front and I am on two parallel tracks. So the feet is like this, the feet is not like this so the feet is inline not with heel and arches the feet is on a parallel track.

So once again my hip is facing in front, once again lengthening tall from here, flex forward from the hip joint but remember friends keep that back leg active. I don’t need the back leg to loose okay activeness and from here flex from the hip joint. So you are going forward forward froward you can feel the intense stretch. Now friends we don’t need this knee to get locked. Okay we need microbe and keep your right palm on the block and keep it flat.

Now keep it active check the neck and shoulders relaxed and breathe here, give some time inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. Now friends we have two variations one you can hold the left palm here or you can hold it here, now when you hold it here, it’s a little bit of easy twist if you hold it there, the twist becomes little bit more intense that is your choice. So I start with a simple version I’m holding it because I’m doing it I need to warm up also so I hold it here.

Now if possible keep the hips sqaure but if you find that the hips are twisting a little bit that’s completely fine. Okay so tall yourself, now keep the hands on the hip flatten it and try to do so, take the support of the wall walk walk. Now I find this too long for me I take it this level, now I feel good I can feel the opening maintain it and breathe now you can look towards the wall or towards the ceiling and breathe. Keep your back leg active I am breathing in and breathing out deeply breathe in now with every exhalation try to twist towards so inhale lengthen exhale twist inhale lengthen exhale twist inhale lengthen exhale twist inhale exhale come back slowly flatten the back.

Tall yourself keep the back seat as possible keep your neck long and come back slowly. So friends that was your Parivrtta Trikonasana. Please don’t hesitate to use a prop it will slowly and steadily give you more balance, more stability. Now friends same position you start with Tadasana as usual keep the legs to 45 degree angle, take the leg. Remember now the second variation is keeping the arms here you can keep the arms here, Now here it gets more intense twist. So I hold it here I open the chest I take the support of the wall and that’s my pose.

Don’t forget to breathe so inhale and exhale. Now here if you find the hip a little bit of tilting. It’s completely fine so from here if I’m twisting if you can’t make it square it’s fine and breathe now. Don’t take the leverage of the arms so much that you find the strain on your sacrum. So there are chances where people try to push themselves too much in the twist and they create a lot of problem in the sacroiliac joint. So that’s the reason you need to be very careful when you are focusing on the twist very important. So friends that was your Parivritta Trikonasana or Revolved Triangle Pose. Thank you for watching in case you like my video don’t forget to hit the like button and yes do subscribe and if you have any suggestions or comments please mention in the comment section below.

Namaste 🙂