Video Transcription – Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose)

Namaste Friends!

I am Ritesh and today we are learning Revolved Head To Knee Pose also known as Parivritta. Parivritta means revolved or twisted, Janu Sirsasana friends a twisting variation of Janu Sirsasana that is head to knee pose takes the classical forward bend to the next level friends its an intermediate level seated twisting pose and also you have to be very careful that if you have diarrhea or any strain on your spine or any injury on the spine especially the shoulder or the hamstring tear please avoid it just be careful or practice under a medical supervisor or supervision or under a experienced Yoga teacher.

Friends let us get into the practice and before you get into the practice you need to warm yourself or prepare yourself to get into a Revolved head to knee pose so friends a posture such as standing forward bend that is Uttanasana or something where you are slowly and steadily stretching the inner thighs so a standing wide leg forward bend would be great to enter into a revolved head to knee pose so if you start any posture we always start with Tadasana so here as because we are seated start with Dandasana so a standing posture starts with Tadasana a seated posture starts with Dandasana so once again I activate my arches and I see that my I am feeling tallness my back is straight my shoulders are down and now from here I widen the legs out now widening the leg depends upon your capacity.

So friends don’t force yourself I just place my arms and I create more space here once again I tall myself now those of you who are quite flexible they can take your legs too wide apart so I can still try okay that’s my limit here and I stop here right its important that you are relaxed while doing the pose so don’t forget to smile and do it very slowly and gently so I tall myself my neck is long my shoulders are down so I’m not squeezing my shoulders to the neck my shoulders are down my chin is parallel my core is engaged now from here I activate my arches okay tall from here lift the arms up and lengthen hold my big toe and now from here I lift the right arm lengthen it and I can go to the sides slowly and gently breathing breathing my neck and shoulders are relaxed now remember friends I am not squeezing my shoulder to the neck keep it spaced out take it go down slowly and gently breathe maintain that posture breathe breathe my shoulders are still down okay and now from here try to open the chest.

Now you can hold this pose you can take the vision towards the ceiling if you don’t have any issues on the neck or especially in the cervical spine and if you have then instead of watching towards the ceiling you can watch in front okay so maintain that position breathe in breathe out now while you are doing the stretch don’t forget to press the right hip on the floor otherwise what will happen is this starts lifting it out so keep pressing the right hip especially the right bone down and then you just enjoy the stretch and breathe open the chest enjoy your breathing enjoy the pose activate the right feet also so activation your whole awareness should be on the right feet also inhale come up so when you exhale you go down when you inhale you come up so inhale lengthen come up exhale relax so friends that was doing it on your left hand side okay don’t forget to do it on the right hand side also so friends this posture is great for backache but remember slowly and steadily also if you have fatigue, haedache & insomnia its wonderful also its stretches the lateral part of your spine so its working on your internal and external obliques shoulders and hamstrings also it stimulates your abdominal organs such as liver & kidney it improves your digestion friends that was Revolved head to knee pose or Parivritta Janu Sirsasana I am Ritesh here

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