Video Transcription – Padangusthasana (Big Toe Pose)


Friends my name is Sandeep. Today we are going to learn Big Toe Asana or also call is Padangusthasana. It is a forward bend standing asana. It is in between beginners and intermediate. Friends anatomically if you see this asana it affects the shoulders, it affects the heart, the lung, the liver, the Kidneys, the bladder, the pelvis. Also it affects the neck and the lower back. It also affects the calms, the hamstrings, the hip and also the abdomen when you perform this asana. It brings a nice stretch into the arches of the feet, into the calves muscles, into the hamstring, also into the Shoulders. This asana helps to relieve stress and mild depression because this asana brings a little soothing effect. It is done in a relaxed way.  Also it prevents osteoporosis it also strengthens the legs strengthens the back and also the core along the arms now those who have osteoporosis those who have little backache they should take care when they perform this. Those who have very tight hamstrings they can bend the leg and the knees when they perform this. Also those who have injury in the shoulder they can actually rest the hands in the final position instead of tensing it. Those who have neck problem after going forward if the head is hanging too much they can use block to support it so that the neck is also supported it so let’s see how to perform this asana so this is a forward bend asana so I am going to show you the side view so stand in Tadasana with feet little apart.

Tadasana is a starting point to enter into the asana now after standing in Tadasana what you do is u inhale and keep the hands by the side of the waist as you exhale you bend forward. Friends lot of people what they do they just want to reach the toe and they are not aware lot of other changes which is happening which can actually impact the back in a very different way in a very wrong way so do less understand things rightly do less that is fine. Don’t worry about that. Little by little as you keep on practicing, it will become easier also so inhalation as you exhale let the spine in the head remain in 1 unit. See my head and spine is going in one line it is not it is not going first or spine is not wrongly it is just going in one line no matter where you reach actually I’m bending from the inch from the hip joint actually the lower back and then inhale and bring the Index finger and the middle finger between the big toe and the second toe and then hook it properly.

Let the thumb you also use so that this grip does not get released and after that press the big toe those who have very tight hamstring they can bend the leg and the knee. Now, what we want to do is we don’t want to round the shoulders in the upper back especially the upper stomach region so what we do is we inhale and as we exhale we extend our self a little forward as if we opening from the upper stomach region. Head is nice and long but we are not lifting the chin too up by compressing the neck. We don’t want to compress the neck. Inhale exhale. Now as we do so it is very important to engage the cords right from the beginning as you bend forward engage the cords. The moment you engage the cords the knee cap will be raised up it will be engage so that there is no strain on the knee. Now inhale exhale. We will remain here for few breaths so keeping now few things in mind. Every time we exhale we should feel that the cords are getting engaged and the sitting bones are been pulled up to the seal.  Every time sitting bones gets pulled up to the seal we should feel that the pelvis getting further towards the upper thigh region so that we can actually arch nicely keep the head long and tall inhale engage the cords lifting the sitting bones the buttock region up and going down inhale exhale inhale every time you exhale you engage your cords further.

The moment you engage you cords the hamstrings get little softer and it becomes easier for you to bend forward. Buttock moving up the tail bone is moving up the tailbone is getting engaged and the sitting bone is pointing up to the seal just keep on trying that for few breaths. Now what we do we inhale and this time we will exhale we let the elbows go out. Friends shoulders are open shoulder is not going to come forward and close to the ear. Let the shoulders open away from the ear. We feel that the spine is lengthening down towards the floor and the head is also going down to the floor. Inhale exhale. Lifting the sitting bones engaging the chord allowing the hamstring to loosen up. Now those who have a flexible hamstring a long hamstring they can bring the forehead down. Those who find difficult they have short hamstring they can remain little away. Just breathe, every exhalation drop lifting the sitting bones engaging the chords relaxing the hamstrings and going further inside the abdomen. Breath is comfortable now, after holding for about 5 breaths to 7 breaths. Inhale and release your hands now inhale keep the hands by the side of the waist and exhale slowly keeping the spine and the head all.

Together in one straight line as you come out.

Friends when you do this if you have high blood pressure just avoid bending too much forward those who have heart problem take little care whenever you will that just avoid the practice.

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