Video Transcription – Malasana (Squat or Garland Pose)

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My name is Ritesh and today we are talking about the pose that most of the Indians do every morning, every evening, whenever they have to sit, whenever they have to chat, this is a pose that is always done by Indians. Malasana mal means impurity. Well it’s known as a garland pose but actually it’s not a garland. It was actually Mal that became mala and a mala became a garland so mal means impurity and this is pose that I’m talking about. Every person is very comfortable in that pose but it depends how you do it.

So friends it’s also known as an Elimination pose, Shit pose & Squat pose. So friends this pose comes into an intermediate level standing deep forward bend and it’s a great hip opener so before you get into the pose, if you have a knee injury please avoid this pose or if you have a tight hip or groin please sit on a block or a bolster. So let’s get into the Malasana or a squat pose. So before we get into the pose it’s very important to see that if you’re having a really tight hip groin, please use a block. So very simple you take this block keep the hands and that’s your malasana a very simple and easy way to slowly and steadily open your hips, open your groin at the same time.

The other variation can be taking the support of the ball and with it ball you’re trying to keep it back and slowly and steadily slowly and steadily you’re going down down down down and you’re maintaining that pose and then as and when you keep the support of the ball and going down that’s one way of slowly and steadily getting into a Malasana. Now the way you do it, once again I stand myself tall in Tadasana, I keep my leg to a 45-degree angle now from here I tall myself chin is parallel, my shoulders are down and relax my core is gently engage and I slowly go down.

Now from here my elbows or my right knee my left knee I press my elbows and I give a traction to my spine. So it gives a wonderful traction to the spine and people with lower back will really benefit because you are lengthening your number spine, press the palms and now as you press your palms you’re opening the pectoral muscles that is your chest. So lengthen the spine keep the neck and shoulders relaxed and breathe it’s a  wonderful pose to open the pelvis. It’s a great blood circulation to the pelvic region pregnant  woman’s practicing this pose would have a greater benefit especially in menstruation also. So talling yourself maintaining that pose and enjoy the pose coming back gently and Friends that was your malasana, squat pose  elimination pose or shake pose.

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