Video Transcription – Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana (Dolphin Plank Pose)

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I am Ritesh and today our topic is Makara adho mukha svanasana. In simple terms it’s a dolphin plank pose. Friends Yogis have been practicing downward-facing dog regularly especially in a vinyasa flow, where you have wrist issues coming every time when you do a downward upward plank. This is the pose that gives you a little bit of relief when you are doing that flow. So it’s a great warm up and it’s great for the core. So it comes into an intermediate level arm balancing pose. Friends arm balancing pose, friends it’s a great strengthening to the core and in case you want to start something with a lower version of a plank, this is a plank position that you can go into.

Friends, it’s great for the core but remember people with cervical spondylitis should be very careful when they do it. So they can use a block while doing it, so they can use a block while doing it that I’ll let you know when I’m doing the practice a cardiovascular disease hypertension or if you have excess weight avoid this pose, also diabetes or insulin resistance, just take care while doing it pregnancy especially some ear infection avoid it. So if you have these problems please practice it under a medical supervision or an experienced yoga teacher.

So let’s get into the practice so before we start this pose that is the dolphin plank pose, we start first for a beginner level. So very simple let’s see how it’s done, so I keep the palms on the floor. So you can start with the tabletop position and from a tabletop you keep the palms specially the palms and the elbows on the floor. Now keep the knees on the floor and just maintain that that’s a position and just maintain that that’s a position, breathe in breathe out see that the elbows are in line with the shoulder level. It doesn’t goes out it doesn’t goes in. So what I need is when you are doing it that should be a position your shoulder joint should be in line with your elbow joint. So maintaining that position would be a wonderful thing.

So putting the knees on the floor makes it a little bit more easier and then slowly and steady you can lift one knee up then the other knee up. So getting into this pose and maintaining it that’s your beginner level pose. Now from here to get into the advance level just gently lift the knees up. Now maintain this position see that you are not squeezing the shoulder, press the arm into the floor and you have this rebounding effect neck is long. Let the vision be towards the floor don’t take the neck back. Avoid it because what happens if we take the neck back there is a lot of compression in the neck. So we don’t need that an extension is fine but don’t avoid taking it too much back at the same time, the shoulders should not squeeze maintain the position.

Now from here we don’t want the body to go in this way or this way because then there is no —–what we need is a plank, activate it, neck and shoulders relaxed and breathe then a little bit of modifications, you can take one leg up hold it there, the other leg up hold it there and that’s your a variation coming back slowly relaxing come up slowly and breathe. So friends that was your dolphin plank pose. Friends it’s a great core workout at the same time people with low back issues would benefit if they slowly or you can say gradually improve from two seconds to five seconds to 10 seconds.

Don’t forget to take a support also if you have any spinal injury it would be great but once again just go slowly and gradually at the same time it improves your balance memory and concentration it gives you a better looking posture because your body is as straight as tadasana. The foundation pose also it calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression. Friends people with reduced bone density it increases your bone density because it is strengthening asana osteoporosis. It improves your metabolism rate. Friends that was your dolphin plank pose.

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