Video Transcription – Krounchasana (Heron Pose)

Namaste Friends!

My name is Ritesh and today our topic is Heron Pose that’s also known as Krounchasana. Friends it’s an intermediate level seated forward bend and it’s a great big opener also. So before we get into the practice it is very important to have a little bit of idea about the contraindications or a caution so people especially women in menstruation should avoid this pose. If you have a serious knee or ankle problems  just be careful okay and especially with the knee issues. If you are doing it in virasana instead of virasana you can’t do it in a Baddha konasana that is a bound angle pose.

Friends before you start with this practice you need to stretch your hamstrings a little bit. So extending side angle pose or a seated forward bend that is uttanasana or cobblers pose easy pose that is sukhasana or downward-facing dog would be great. Before you start with this practice so we start with dandasana, so sitting straight and tall activate the arches. Check that you’re not slouching back, keep it tall the chin parallel the face muscles relax and don’t forget to smile.

Now from here as you activate your arches flex the left leg so I take it down. Now friends if those people who have knee issues they can do the same posture by keeping the legs like this that’s also completely fine. In fact I prefer to do in this manner because the pressure on the knee is less. Ok so let’s do the variation of sitting in a virasana so that is what I am sitting in virasana. Now if you see I’ll take the other side to get you an idea what it is so from here you can see that my buttocks are lifted up even if I go down I can’t it’s lifting it up.

So to balance it I use this block now this block I place it here now my hip is balanced. It’s not that the one hip is going down and the other hip is going up, so the hip is square I activate my arches and that’s the position. So friends whenever you start you see your hip is square. Now let us try with the other leg so holding it that position changing it so I try the other side sit in virasana place it down. keep the leg straight and I tall myself.

So remember the Tadasana alignment applies here the ribcage is not popping out it’s in line with the pelvis my shoulders are down my chin is parallel. Now you can bend the knee hold with both arms lift up slowly and steadily holding it and maintaining that posture and with this don’t try to pick the back rounding. Keep it straight flat tall and shoulders are down lift the chest up you can bend the knees that’s completely fine slowly and steadily. You can straighten it out activated shoulders are down and breathe keep it tall. Keep lengthening inhale lengthen the spine and inhaling exhaling take it down slowly stretch your legs out and just shake a little bit just to release that stretch.

Friends that was your heron pose or Krounchasana so I have done it on the right hand side, you don’t forget to do it on the left hand side. Now friends this pose stretches the hamstrings. So it’s an intense stretch on the hamstrings. So please be careful when you do it at the same time it is great for digestion or flat feet. Also because when you’re holding the feed you’re actually stretching the sole of your feet. So it’s great for flat feet and also it stimulates your abdominals organ and especially the heart. Friends because it’s a great heart opener you see you’re holding the feet you’re opening the chest. So basically great for weakened heart so wonderful for people with cardiovascular diseases.

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Namaste 🙂