Video Transcription – Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose)

Namaste Friends!

I’m Ritesh and today we are focusing on Hanumanasana also known as a monkey pose friends. Hanuman is known for its Mighty leaps and this pose resembles the same it’s a full front split it is challenging pose and it always different so whenever you practice this hanumanasana or a monkey pose its always different you feel a different stretch every time depends upon body to body friends its a seated forward bend. So let’s get into the practice so before you get into the practice you should know that if you have any groin or hamstring injuries please avoid that pose because it is too intense on your hamstring. So now let’s get into the practice now when we say now this asana also comes in to an advanced asana right so when we call something some asana as advance you need to prepare yourself with low lunge anything as a forward bend like uttanasana okay wide leg extension or reclining hand to big toe pose friends if you start practicing these asanas. First your hanumanasana would be a little bit easier now don’t make it a compulsion that your pelvis should touch the floor even if the pelvis is high in the air that’s completely fine don’t push yourself friends listen to your body as you might have some injury into your hamstrings so just be careful so now let’s get into the pose.

Its very important to start with a beginner level pose because if you are doing it in the early morning you need to prepare yourself so we’ll start with some simple versions and then slowly and steadily we get into a higher version so first and foremost we start with a low lunge so from here I get from a downward facing dog I stretch myself check the neck and shoulders they are relaxed lengthen it bend the knees focus on streching one leg than the other than here I gently place both the knees on the floor take the kneeling position now right leg moves forward tall yourself neck and shoulders relaxed now see that the body is in straight line so the tadasana alignment also applies here now from here I need to use a block so that I can take a support.

So here I take two blocks place it on the sides so these blocks help me to keep my body tall so I take the leg back I keep that tallest my chin parallel my neck is long going slowly and steadily and maintaining that pose now friends if you are comfortable here that has the space its completely fine don’t force yourself so now after some days when you find you are comfortable avoid going into that position so keep your body straight tall and breathe so now from here you can change the level of the pose but keep yourself tall and breathe so that is one way of going into the pose now in case you want to hold this pose longer you can take this blocks now I’d need two blocks because the height is too much and then I can rarely maintain that posture for longer time and breathe enjoy the posture keep yourself tall feel the lengthening keep your back leg active front leg active and come back slowly and release it and release it so friends when you do this pose I have done it with the right leg you need to do it with your left leg also so Hanumanasana is great to stretch your hamstring and the back of your leg that is your assuctor also nut its quite an advance pose so just be careful because I have seen people unnecessary giving a hamstring because they have been pushing themselves to get split wide especially don’t push yourself its very easy to push yourself in this position.

So just be careful that was your hanumanasana or monkey pose friends. I’m Ritesh thank you for watching in case you like my video don’t forget to hit the like button and do subscribe and yes if you have any comments or suggestions please mention in the comment section below.

Namaste 🙂