Video Transcription – Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose)

Namastey friends! My name is Sandeep. Today, we are going to learn Four-Limbed Staff Pose also called as Chaturanga Dandasana. Sometimes also called is Low Plank. This asana is a nice arm balancing core strengthening asana. Beginning for the beginners, it will be difficult so they try just the plank position and after practicing that you can slowly come to this low plank position also or Chaturanga Dandasana.

This Chaturanga Dandasana is very good for strengthening the arms and the wrist, also it tones the abdomen and that is the reason why it is very beneficial for weight loss and also from the fitness point of view. Those who have carpal tunnel syndrome and those who have pregnant, they should not practice this. Let’s understand how to do this. So take the position or come on your fours, a table top position.  After coming to table top position, then let, feet go out so that you are into a plank position. Now, plank position is very important because from here if you hold this position wrongly, it can create a strain. So understand what is plank position?

In plank position, the shoulders and the wrist are in one line, the feet are relax but the vertical firm, you should feel the heel are a little out so that there is some strength in the legs, also the core is active, pelvis is neutral, you are not pushing the lower back too forward neither too up. You are in one line and also head is neutral, not to up not too down. Now, after taking the plank position, you can start coming down lowering your body down. It is very important to understand how from a plank become to a low plank also Chaturanga Dandasana.

Plank position, now friends, holding this nicely, come down. As you come down, what is more important is that the shoulders and the elbows should be in one line. Don’t go beyond this point. Lot of time, what people they do, when they come down, they actually come too much down, then the shoulder is lower, the elbow is higher. This is not very good for the shoulder because it can create strain in the shoulders. If okay to keep the shoulder a little above the elbows, that is fine or the perfect position is where the shoulder and the elbow are in one line, maybe the upper arm will look some parallel to the floor but the shoulder will not drop down.

Second thing is when you do this practice, lot of time the core is not active, and people can dip from the lower back. Can you see my lower back dipping? No, hold your core tight, engage the roots if you want and sustain the position.

Now, third very important thing, when you do this, lot of time when people come down their shoulder start going up towards ears. No, let this collar area open up. Let the collar go open, let the chest open nicely and feel that the shoulder blades are squeezing to each other and now the last one when you go down lot of time the elbow starts coming out. Elbows are very important. Whenever you are come down, your elbow has to remain a little closer to the body by the side of the ribcage. If you let the elbows go out, the shoulder will turn inward and this shoulder inward will actually create strain in the shoulder, will disrupt the flow of the blood. So whenever you are taking a plank position, hold yourself nice and tall right from the beginning. Don’t let anything loose from the abdomen and when you come down let the elbow remain closer to the body and shoulder, elbow in one line. That’s all. Just hold like this for a while and come. Now, those who find difficult, what they can do is, they can practice this position, keeping the knees on the floor and then understanding how to do it making it easier and then slowly be coming back so maybe they can do about 2 to 3 times and relax.

Another thing that you can do is to understand that the chest further go down or not, should we remain aligned higher, it should be elbow and the shoulder in one line should remain or not. What you can do is you can wear a belt. Let’s see this also because it is a very safe practice, it will not allow you to go beyond the point, so tightening the belt so keeping it a little above the elbow, if you see. Keeping it a little above the elbow, need a little more distance, so don’t let the buckle touch the skin, this, so when you come down in this position, you will make sure that, you will not dropping further down. Slowly, slowly with this practice, it will become easier to come down, maybe later on you can lose this a little so that you can engage your bone muscles to come down where it is this which is restricting the belt which is restricting the movement. You come down, you’ll get stuck, that’s fine. So if you want get it to easier, let the knees come down to the floor. If you want to know whether you are going too much down then use the belt.

Chaturanga Dandasana strengthens the body beautifully and also it makes the core very strong. Friends if you like my video please hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so that you can get updates of the new videos also. If you have any questions or queries, please write to us, we will come back to you also. Thank you friends for watching the video, see you soon. Namastey!