Video Transcription – Camatkarasana (Flip Dog or Wild Thing Pose)

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I am Ritesh and today our topic is Flip Dog or wild thing pose in Sanskrit. It’s also known as Camatkarasana. Well friends it’s a fun and dynamic asana. It’s balancing and challenging posture so just be careful especially people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or especially with weak wrists should avoid this pose okay. It comes into a advanced backward bend okay so should be avoided by beginners. Let me tell you that because you require a great practice for your wrist to get strong. So before you get into the practice as I told you Carpel Tunnel Syndrome should avoid it Rotator cuffs especially people with any shoulder injury because it requires a lot of strength on the wrist and on the shoulders.

So just be careful okay, so you need to seek under the medical supervision or an experienced yoga teacher. Friend it requires a great practice. So before we get into the wild dog pose or the wild thing pose or the Flip Dog Pose be careful that you need to prepare yourself that means start with something like the downward facing dog or a bow pose. Okay or a side plank pose before you get into this Camatkarasana and it’s a great variation. When you do a Vinyasa flow so in between you can add a Camatkarasana and it would be great or a flip dog pose or a Wild Thing Pose.

So now let’s get into the practice so there are various ways of get into it I will get into from a downward facing dog. So starting from a downward facing dog so I am on the force that is my tabletop  position now whenever I am on my palms. Okay you need to be careful that you activate your fingertips if you don’t activate your fingertips what is happening is all the pressure comes on your wrists and we don’t need the pressure coming on the wrist. So whenever you do any palm anything that is the palms on the floor and directly the pressure comes on the wrists. So just avoid it.

So from here I activate my palms right now, can we do a downward facing dog check the neck and shoulders they are relaxed. Now I lift my right leg up from here I bend my knee I open my pelvis okay. So once again from a downward facing dog I lift the leg up. Bend the knees and from here I slowly and gently place the toes on the floor and I open the chest and I breathe inhale and exhale. I can feel that opening in the chest I can breathe better. Yes I can feel the pressure on my shoulder joint and my wrists and inhale exhale coming back slowly lengthening it up and stretching once again downward facing dog opening the shoulders come back slowly and relax in Balasana inhale come up and breathe.

So friends it’s a asymmetrical pose that means we need to do it on the right side and the left side also I’ve showed you on the right side don’t forget to do it on the left-hand side. Now before we get into the ending the benefits. So friends this pose opens the chest and heart and at the same time if you have a mild depression it helps you to out of that mild depression. It’s a very energetic pose it will strengthen shoulders and upper back open chest and lungs and the shoulder area.

So friends it’s a great pole that you can add up in strengthening the arms the wrists and specially the shoulders so that was your flip dog wild thing pose or Camatkarasana. Friends I’m Ritesh here in case you like my video don’t forget to hit the like button and do subscribe and yes in case you have any suggestions or some ideas please mention in the comment section.

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