Video Transcription – Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Namaste friends, my name is Sandeep. Today we are here to learn Child’s Pose or call it Balasana friends this Balasana is a restorative forward band hip opening asana.

In fact this asana when you do anatomically, if you see the ankle the knee the hip and the thigh gets affected. Also, the brain which gets affected in a very positive way at any point of time when you perform Asana. When we feel tired we can always relax in this Child’s Pose because it restores. It energize us and also it can release the stress. It will give that little time in this Balasana to help ourselves to relieve the stress and the tension especially if it is come after performing a vigorous practice, a vigorous asana. Friends, if you see the benefit of this asana, this asana actually stretches the hip, the ankle and the knee and that is why it helps to improve the flexibility of the body especially in the limbs in the legs.

As you relax in this asana it is very good for the brain so, when you relax the brain, automatically you release strain and tension, it helps to remove the fatigue, it helps to remove the stress at the physical level and also at the mental level when you perform this asana. If you do it rightly, make maybe taking some support of either using the blocks or something, it can also help to relieve the neck and the back pain. Friends if you have diarrhea, don’t practice this. the diarrhea might increase and if you are pregnant. If you are going through pregnancy and at the same time if you have any knee problem then consult an expert and do accordingly. Now friends, let’s see how to perform this asana.

So, for this asana you will have to come on your fours or you will take tabletop position. So, let us take tabletop. After taking tabletop, what you do is, you bring the tip of the big toe together and then you let the knees go apart. After letting the knee go apart, what to do, you start falling behind, allowing the buttock to come down closer to the hip. If you see when the big toe is together and the heels are apart it is like, kind of a bowl. Where you are actually sitting between there are a lot of time people are very tight from the hip very tight from the glutes and the buttocks very strain at the knee so what they can do is, they can always keep a bolster between the ankle and the buttock, between the heel and the buttock anything. Ankle strain too much they can roll a mat and keep the rolled mat below the ankle so that the ankle is less strained. Now friends, lot of time when people do this they usually come forward and they relax like this, if you see my back is down. So, what we can do is, we can keep the alignment of the back nice. Also, if you see my shoulders are rounding, my shoulders should also remain down and relax. Away from the ear so to make things easier, you need to extend from the lower back pushing the lower back forward and then coming forward. No matter if you come, only this much you can just relax like this and to support behind, you can keep a block just maintain this. Don’t let the back slouch. The back get round just maintain like this. If you find that this becomes easier and if you stretch a little forward, you can also rest. Don’t let the head hang loose lot of people because they are not flexible the head is hanging loose. Always support your head and that is the reason why it is very good for the brain, for let the head rest now we’ll do it without support hands forward shoulders are down and away from the ear and drop your head. Just relax like this for some time. This allows the area of the pelvis and the abdomen. Also, to work with it brings a nice stretch in the lower back, hip region stretches the glutes. Also, stretches the groin region keep holding the position keep breathing the position as it is a restorative asana. It will help you to relax especially after fatigue, after tiredness or after straining or doing more with more doing more beyond the capacity. Also, hands are forward neck is long don’t let it become too short. Neck is long drop. Keep breathing here for a while, what you can do also friends is you can start slowly and slowly breathing deeply, inside the abdomen a rhythmic breath, a complete breath expanding the chest allowing the abdomen. Also to come adds to this feeling of calmness and this rhythmic breathing will relax the mind more deeply. Dear friends, if you like my video, hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so that you can get updates of new videos. Also, if you have any feedback, any suggestions write to us. Those are very valuable for us. If you want us to cover any particular subject related to yoga also write to us, we will try to cover that in the near future. Thank you for watching. See you soon. Namaste!