Video Transcription – Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)

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My name is Tara. Today I’m going to teach you Baddha Konasana baddha means bound kona means angle. So it’s a bound angle pose. The main benefit is it’s a seated and hip opener pose to rest of the benefits come along with their types and practice. So practice with me step by steps every asana.  They have a different stages according to your body which we call a variation. So there are the beginner variation, intermediate variation, advance variation.

So here I’m going to explain you a beginner variation and intermediate variation if you can do the beginner variations to do. So further practice what you can do for your for the progress which is intermediate variations. Before going to start our practice the contraindications must apply. So what are those contraindications to have safe practice and knees.

People who have the knee injuries, people have ankle injuries, people who have the weak hips or injuries in the lower back sacrum or pain in their tailbone should avoid this pose. If it’s fine then you can enjoy the pose. So the getting into the pose is very important for these extending both legs to the front. This pose known as dandasana staff pose standing next to the front feet about hip width distance now tilting right foot to the right bringing right hands under right inner thighs like me.

This is very important to opening hip. So I’m giving the external rotations on my femur bone to open my hip bone as rotations hold my thighs back bending heel close to my groin. Same I’m going to do with my left tilting foot to the left giving the rotation from my femur bone bringing hands on Under my inner thighs and pulling my left thigh. You can see your hips are open more than your normal positions okay now from here moving heel closer to the groin and from here internalizing the fingers and bringing hands under the feet pressing feet down falling fingers after give further extension.

You know I can see my back is completely straight. Straighten your back shoulders rolling back pressing your both thighs down towards the mat. Stay enjoy your pose take six to eight breaths here and then release so this was a level one level one another variations. Move your feet a little bit to the front so the gap will be about half feet or one feet something and this pose will strengthen your inner thighs and will give you a nice stretch in your glutes which will release the sciatica nerves from here inhale and lengthen the spine holding the ankles or shin keeping the back straight with exhalation started leaning forward extending one arms fingers in cup shape standing other arms fingers in cup shape.

So extending your arms move to the front move to the front as far you can go with your straight back and keep looking straight keep opening your chest down nice now from here once you feel you cannot go more than here then just turn your head to look down keeping your back of your neck relaxed hold your pose where you feel stretch on your inner thighs stretch on your glutes stretch on your hip flexors after few breath inhaling coming back so breath that you were taking in was six to eight breath now the intermediate variation you stay with your legs instead your hands under your next like this.

So wrap your hands around your feet with inhalation head up, pull from your lower back lengthening your spine, push your chest forward with exhalation, start pushing your thighs down towards the mat, pushing your thighs down towards the mat to give more further extension. Start pulling your forearms upward and pressing your thighs down towards the mat nice to rest your head. You can move your forehead or your big toe or if you find more flexibility move your chin closer to your big toe. Stay here again 6 to 8 breaths with inhalations, lift your knees up, release your arms and relax your shoulders and return to your cross leg seated positions or extending legs and stay here legs here.  So when we were in the pose there are a lot benefits were there inside the poses or what was the benefit. The hip was opening this was a main benefit we were focusing but we got complimentary.

The complimentary was strengthening inner thighs, stretching glutes, strengthen the lower backs, strengthening the mid-back with different variations as well as your strengthening our knees and we were strengthening our ankles. So have a safe practice enjoy your practice.

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