Video Transcription –  Ardha Pinch Mayurasana (Dolphin Pose)

Namaste friends!

I am Ritesh and today we are focusing on Ardha Pinch Mayurasana that is also known as a dolphin Pose. Friends it’s a wrist saving modification. People who have been doing a high plank whether using their wrist a lot or any of these plank positions where you’re focusing more on straight part you might have a problem at your wrist joint. So to modify it dolphin pose is a great way to enter also. In case you want to start with some inversions especially a forearm don’t want to a scorpion pose for any of these inversions where your forearm is required, where your shoulders are required this is the pose that you can slowly and steadily enter and strengthen the shoulders, strengthen the forearm.

So it is a great pose to strengthen, build strength in the upper part of your body. Friends it comes into a beginner to intermediate level standing cone inversion. So it’s a great core also at the same time with a little bit of dynamic movement, you can actually engage the core more strongly. Friends it’s a great shoulder opener also. So friends before we get into this practice safety first, so people with cervical spondylosis or cardiovascular disease hypertension or excess weight should do it under medical supervision or experienced yoga teacher also if you have woman side pregnancy please avoid this pose.

Friends before we get into this pose, dolphin pose, you need to prepare yourself by doing some forward extensions to warm up your body or you can do a cow pose that is a goumukhasana.  Friends let’s get into the practice so we start with a tabletop position so from a tabletop position check the alignment of your wrist to your shoulder same thing and keep the arms shoulder width apart. Now from here place the elbows on the palm point and the other now at the same time you cross your fingers but keep that little finger inside.

Now from here keeping that little finger inside, lift the knees up slowly. Now a great variation for a downward facing dog because the downward facing dog every time when I do a vinyasa flow hold longer people with carpal tunnel syndrome find it very difficult to do a downward facing dog that’s a reason that dolphin pose is a Savior.

So I get into the pose interlace my fingers lift that knees up and now see that you don’t squeeze your shoulders I need it spaced out shoulders. So even if you do that pose see that it don’t squeeze the shape so I need more spacing. So I hold it there I lift up and I maintain that position I checked that my shoulders are spaced out my neck is long I can feel the stretch on my calf & achlles tend on and I breathe and I enjoy that pose. Well it’s very calming and relaxing the breathing gets better and it’s a mild inversion now from here if you want to make it a little bit more dynamic Downward facing dog from a plan that is a Dolphin move one two.

So these are some of the variations that you can do or else just hold and breath, check the neck and shoulders relaxed your face muscles are relaxed and enjoy the cores you can focus on more opening of the shoulders by pushing the chest a little bit more down and breathe coming back gently one knee down and then the other knee down coming back slowly.

Friends that is your dolphin pose so it calms your brain helps relieve stress, anxiety and mild depression it improves balance memory and concentration it improves a digestion. It relieves headache, insomnia and back pain fatigue. It’s a great, it’s quite relaxing pose so it’s therapeutic for Menopause, osteoporosis, asthma, high blood pressure, flat feet and sciatica. It gives a nice stretch so friends it’s a very nice therapeutical pose to practice great variations for downward facing dog. So if you are doing a vinyasa flow you can always modify by doing a dolphin but dolphin plank is doing a chaturanga so you have lots of variations to play around with the dolphin pose or dolphin plank pose. You can do the practice of getting into a scorpion Pose right so slowly and steadily you can strengthen the upper part of the body. Friends that was a dolphin pose or pincher mayurasana.

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