Video Transcription – Ardha Bhekasana (Half Frog Pose)

Namaste, my dear friends, my name is Tara. Here we are learning Ardha Bhekasana. Ardha means half. Bheka means frog, so its a half frog pose.

In your classes or gym mainly we work to strengthening the quads so, this is a quad stretching pose so the main focus is to stretch the quads to release the quads after we have done lots of strengthening with your quads. Before we go further into the practice, safety is first and what are the safety. If you have ankle pain or injuries in your ankle, if you have injury in your knee, or your hip, or your lower back, or your shoulders or neck we should avoid this pose or practice under teacher’s guidance. So guys, you can enjoy. There are more benefits come along with the practice so as before into the pose, we’ll see more and more benefits will come.

So let’s start the practice lie down on your belly keeping your feet close to each other feet apart hip with distance so you come on your forearm and lift your chest slightly up off the mat. Then from here I’m going to demonstrate with my left leg. You can see it clearly from here, I’m moving my right forearm in as you can see my right fingers is facing in. Now, you can move it more and more. So, support myself easily. Now, from here I’m going to bend my left leg and then I’m holding my left foot with left hand. I’m folding from inside and then, now, watch carefully. I’m rolling my hands and moving my fingers down. Now finger is pointing down towards the ankle and using my wrist on my toes to press down.

Inhaling chest I’m looking forward with exhalation start moving heel closer down to the mat so the heel is coming beside my hip. Inhale, relax. Exhale for more deeper into the pose. Stay here. Count for five 1 2 keep breathing 3 4 5. Inhale, relax little bit. Relax, exhale. Push more deeper into the pose. Stay here. Count 5 again. 1 2 3 4 5, there was a great quad stretch, so, when I was doing the pose, not only the benefit is was coming for the quads as you can see it’s also a back extension a back bending pose too. I was stretching my ankles strengthening my ankles strengthening my knees.

Same time, stretching my quads, stretching my inner hip flexors, stretching and strengthening my back, upper back and doing the back extension for my lower back chest opening, strengthening my neck, strengthening my arms which were on the mat so there are so many benefits comes along with the practice. One pose gives you lots of benefits. Practice one side and then practice other side with same count straight, get into the pose, stay in the pose count 5. Do the repetitions hold release and go more deeper into the pose hold your pose again count 5 like this practice. Both side improve your practice enjoy your practice.

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