Video Transcription – Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose)

Namaste friends!

I am Ritesh and today our focus especially for runners and cyclists a great posture for athletes a variation for warrior one and comes regularly in Sun Salutation. Friends I am talking about low lunge also known as Anjaneyasana or Crescent pose a little bit of variation in the asanas changes the whole name concept often this. Friends it’s a beginner level standing balancing pose. So before we get into this practice it’s very important to know that people with chronic injury to the legs or hip should avoid the pose hard, any conditions completely avoided and if you have a high blood pressure please don’t do this pose or do it under a medical supervision. Friends before we get into Anjaneyasana it’s very important to start with some preparations of downward-facing dog a chair poles a wide leg forward bend or something where the hand the big toe posture is there. Some of these preparations are very good before you get into the practice. Friends now let’s get into the practice.

So before we do a runner’s lunge or Anjaneyasana any asana that you start starts with a card so I told myself lift the shoulder up and back and down my chin is parallel my face must have several eyes and I don’t forget to smile. Don’t have to be very serious when you do the poses, from here I keep my right leg take a step forward. Now it depends on person to person some people will take a step here someone it depends upon your comfort-ability but don’t take it too wide right you can’t balance it now if somebody’s having a new shoe shorten the distance else you can take it out straight. Keep the back heel up now what I need my knee and ankle is in one line my knee and second toe is in one line.

Right now maintain this position but now if I want to reduce the intensity I can keep the knees on the floor if you have a new shoes please use a bolster or a block. So tall yourself and just keep moving forward. So friends it’s a deep stretch to your hip flexors keep moving check the neck and shoulders relax all the variations are fine. You can lift the arms up give a backward extension it’s a great chest opener right so breathing gets much better in this position breathe breathe now that’s a way where you get into a little bit of beginner level

Now if you want to get it a little bit more intense lift the knees up tall yourself keep your back leg active. Maintain this position and not from here lift the arms up and breathe friends engage your cores see that your pelvis is not going like this or this keep it neutral. Okay tall yourself lengthen it and maintain that position now in case holding it isometric. All you need a little bit of movement so add the dynamic movement just to change a little bit.

So once again check the movement tall yourself lift up and just move one two three hands on the hip I maintain that position. Friends just to change a little bit of dynamic movement into your board asana it’s great to have variations in Anjaneyasana. Friends it’s a great pose for balance memory and concentration and people have benefited specially people with sciatica pain have benefited with these it’s opening the heart and chest and lungs friends it strengthens the legs the arms shoulders and back it gives a nice flexibility to your hamstrings hip flexors and groin.

Friends that was your anjaneyasana. Friends if you like my video don’t forget to hit the like button and also do subscribe in case you have any suggestions do mention in the comment section below.