Video Transcription- Anantasana (Sleeping Vishnu or Side Reclining Leg Lift Pose)

Namaste friends!

My name is Ritesh and today our topic is Anant pose also known as vishnu pose also known as side reclining leg lift. Friends, it’s one of the best balancing pose especially on the sides. It is misleading because it says sleeping or reclining but friends it’s one of the challenging poses especially when you’re lying on your side and balancing this pose so don’t think it is as an easy one. Although it might look so when you see the images but when you start practicing you will find laughter because you keep falling either for the front or to the sides because we never practice something lying down on the sides and without the support right so it’s challenging but its great fun.

So it comes into a beginner level so you can say beginner to intermediate level a balancing hip-opener and also before we get into the practice just a contraindications or caution so people with recent chronic injury to the back shoulders or the hip should definitely avoid this pose. And especially at the neck region because when you are doing the Anantasana there are chances that if you had a neck pain on injury it might aggravate it.

So friends just be careful we have few modifications to go slowly and steadily and you know practice so just listen to the body the body is a best tool to let you know how you’re doing it. Friends before you get into this site reclining leg lifts or the Vishnu pose don’t forget to do your stretches. So anjaneyasana a warrior 2 where you’re opening the legs wide apart so remember anything as a hip opener would be great anything, ever core engagement would be great because would help you to balance, also a navasana is great okay a plank pose is great. So just make it a point to practice the asanas some preparatory asanas before you get into the pose. So let’s get started so lying down on your side so whenever you are sitting in a cross-legged position always use a block to sit in just elevates your hip and whenever the hip is higher than the knee you are comfortable at your lower back. So even if you are on the chair or anything okay let’s get into Anantasana that is side reclining legged. So I lie down on my right hand side okay. So first I start with a very easy one where you slowly and steadily prepare yourself.

So if you find that your hamstrings are tight okay and you still want to do it so there are two options. Bend the knees or hold a strap that is this belt. Okay so first do it with the bend knees okay so first check so your Mat line would be the guiding factor. Okay so whenever I lie down or check that my leg is not like this or back my body is exactly parallel to the mat line so I check the position my toes are pointing now, check the hip it’s not going in front it’s not going back it’s Center. Okay so you can feel your greater trochanter that is the side of the bone.

 Now if you find this difficult you can keep it here. Keep the front fingertips on the floor okay now here bend the knee when you bend the knee you get a foundation. Now bend the knees hold the big toe and straighten it okay. Now if you are comfortable here next is lift the head up and that’s the position just in it’s a very easy right now because it’s a bigger level that what we are doing yeah it’s a great stretch to my hamstrings and my groin and I breathe at  the same time I’m aware that I’m not falling backwards okay and I breathe now those of you if you find difficult over here they can always use a strap okay. So just hold it anything it can be anything okay and you can still do it that’s completely fine you can take anything, you can take a cloth hold it there, but focus to keep it on the ball of the feet not on the arches the ball of the feet. If you see the ball of the feet not of the arches okay so holding it stretching it and just enjoy the pose.

Friends it’s very relaxing okay so activate your arches don’t forget to activate the arches. So this is a way that you can slowly and steadily get into a beginner level mode now let’s get into the second angle where we straighten the legs. Okay let us see how it works and so once I straighten the legs wide check the positioning not tilting. Now I lift the leg up okay and then take it down slowly now keep the hands on the hip I can feel that I’m wobbling and shaking a bit right now.

From here I check the neck position I’m still fine I’m not wobbling and shaking, so don’t forget to engage your core and Glutes this two would help you so that you’re not wobbling so need to work on your obliques. Also now from here bend the knee okay the reason behind I’m laughing is because I can feel I’m tipping over front and back I hold my big toe and I lift up okay I’m not sure that I’ll fall okay and that’s your pose. Friends it’s quite a challenging one and arches are active and you can see that I am a little bit tipping over front and back but that’s what it is you know keep the shoulders down so we don’t need squeezing okay keep the shoulders down and breathe and don’t forget to smile right so breathe in and out breathe in and out feel the stretch in your calf in your hamstrings in the groin and I can feel that I am tipping over but yes I’m trying to manage it out okay so that’s your pose that is your side reclining pose. You can stretch if you are flexible you can really take the legs a little bit more I am NOT so I am comfortable here right there are people who take the leg here also sorry they can take it here also okay so hold it there stretch it and maintain that pose and breathe engaging the core engaging the glutes now bend the knees and stretch out and relax.

Now friends you can do some variations right. So this Anantasana we have lots of variations now from here if you want to really work on your obliques palms here inhale exhale inhale exhale circle inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale so reverse it out also inhale exhale inhale exhale so and the next option can be lift up inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale so these are some of the variations that you can add in your Anantasana that is side reclining pose. Friends it is a great stretch to the hamstrings to the hips to the calf pelvis and the groin and at the same time it increases mobility it can help you to reduce lower back pains improves balance memory and concentration holding the pose requires a great deal of calmness into the mind and a clear thought process so friends that was your Anant pose or the reclining side angle pose or also known as a Vishnu pose. Thank you for watching in case you like my video don’t forget to hit the like button and yes do subscribe and if you have any suggestions or comments please mention in the comment section below and yes do practice these variations and let me know how do you felt about this for all together.

namaste 🙂