Video Transcription –  Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)

Namaste friends,

I am Ritesh. Let us recapture the joy and fascination of being like a baby. Yes, let this are weall have a divine child within us andlet us explore that divine child withinus. Friends it’s a pose that people reallylaugh and enjoy it, the name is anandabalasana or it’s also known as a happy baby pose or blissful baby pose. So, friends it’s a great enjoyment, it’sgreat massage to the spine; you’re rollingfront and back side to side and it’ssheer laugh and happiness.

So it’s a greatcore exercise also. So it comes into abeginner level forward bend and it’s agreat hip opener. So specially women withpregnancy and menstruation should avoidthat pose and if you have a knee injuryor a neck injury, just be carefulsupport your head on a blanket in caseyou find some strain coming on your neckotherwise just enjoy it and before you getinto the practice little bit ofpreparation is required. So, a balasanathat is a child pose or a veerasana wouldbe great before you get into a Ananda Balasanathat is a blissful baby pos.

Friends now let us get into thepractice. So here we lie down on yourback in supine position and from hereI flex my right leg my left legand from here I take it outbend the knee hold my big toe the kneeand the ankle should be in one line I’llmake it out and I maintain thatposition and I breathe.Now here I canroll side to side and enjoy that poseroll front to back and enjoy that posefriends. If you find any strain coming onthe back please add a pillow a smallpillow behind the neck and just enjoythe pose now feel the stretch on yourgroin.

So it’s a great blood circulationto the pelvic diaphragm and you can feela wonderful stretch on your hamstringsand just breathecoming back slowly releasing it taking the knees to the chest and down slowly. Friends this is a pose that creates a nice blood circulation in the wholepelvic region. Friends Ananda Balasana strengthens the arms legs and back itstretches the inner groin and spine, it calms the mind and destresses thebody, improves digestion so good for the lower back and periodic cramps for women,relaxes the sacrum brings the heart ratedown because it’s a happy baby pose.  You’re really enjoying that pose also itreleases tension from the lower back, squatting has a black foe to the pelvicdiaphragm so it’s great for infertilityalso friends these were the benefits ofanandabalasanaor a blissful baby pose. I am it Ritesh here in case you like my videodon’t forget to hit the like button anddo subscribe and yes if you have anysuggestions or comments please mentionin the comment section below.

namaste 🙂