Video Transcription – Agnistambhasana (Fire Log or Double Pigeon Pose)

Namaste friends!

I am Ritesh and today we focus on a fire log pose also known as a double pigeon pose or in Sanskrit Agnistambhasana. Agni means fire and stambha means log. Friends it’s an intermediate seated forward bend and it’s a great deep hip- opener. So before we get into the practice people with knee issues or lower back injury should avoid this pose if we have a very tight hip or groin please use a block or a bolster. Friends, now let’s get into the pose, so we start with a dandasana. So any of the seated positions starts with a dandasana, so I tall myself I shift my goo so I can really sit on my sitting bones. I keep my arches active; my chin is parallel my rib cage is not popping out,it’s in line with my pelvis.

Now from here I flex my right leg down and then my left. Now friends if you find this pose too difficult to maintain you can just do simply a Sukhasana or an easy pose and a forward bend so the right leg goes in the left leg on the top. Now once again I see that I’m not slouching. Okay I keep my back straight and tall I activate it now from here itself I can feel the burning sensation. So I make it a point that I listen to my body I don’t have to force myself to go forward. So I keep myself tall.

Now friends very important you have to activate your arches so that your knee is safe or you can say stable. So activate your arches,activate the left arch to the right,tall yourself and now from here just keep your spine straight now you’ll feel that eyes if you move forward you find an intense burning sensation at the hip joint and keep moving forward and don’t forget to smile and just breathe you are breathing in and you are breathing out. Now for some people they would find sitting in this position very difficult and the pelvis will still move backwards so I take a block and I sit on the block now sitting on the block just makes your pelvis more high and then once again now friends we can change the leg position. From here I take the left leg down okay and the right leg on the top now still standing tall adjusting my sitting bones on the block, keep it tall activate your arches and now from here move forward.

So, the moving forward keep the spine straight as if lengthening from the crown of your head and then move forward once again. AGNI you feel a burning sensation at the hip joint and that was the reason it was known as AGNISTAMBHASANA moving forward slowly and gently enjoying the pose and don’t forget to breathe inhale and exhale as you breath in come back slowly and relax yourself.

Friends it’s a great pose it builds strength in your lower body, outer hip & groin the intensity depends upon how your hips are how your groin is friends it comes to mind and it helps to reduce stress and depression. So, friends, that was your Agnistambhasana or also known as a double pigeon pose kaput asana or a fire log friends. In case you like my video don’t forget to hit the like button and do subscribe if you have any suggestions or comments please mention in the comment section below.

 Namaste 🙂