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Testimonials: Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

"The true essence of yoga ..."

"Any Tom, Dick & Harry can practice & teach asana. The modern world has become obsessed with asana that they forget that it is merely one of the many limbs of yoga. For those seeking the true essence of yoga - yoga as a way of life - Deep is the right person to go to. "
- Ee Lee Ong, Malaysia

"A new life of breathing, spreading love and positive thoughts ..."

"Who am i.... Who are You...
I am just a living thing at this PRESENT moment. Yoga is not only a physical exercise but a healing breathing yoga Pranayama, it healed my injured soul. Without a lot of motivational words, I have entered into a new life of breathing , spreading love and positive thoughts to people around me. I am thankful to Premo Deep that made this happened in the present."
- Goh Soo Mou, Malaysia

"An Amazing Experience ..."

"Deep, thank you very much for everything! The Pranayama and Meditation course was more than what I had expected..the classroom experience, filled with easy to understand theory and detailed practical exercises, was something that I had always been looking for. Plus the fun, laughter and joy aspects, made this course an amazing experience for me. Thank you again, Deep..namaste."
- Su Vaghasia, Malaysia

"Introducing Joy back in my life ..."

"I joined Deep's class during a time when I was battling both emotional and physical defeat. And I am happy to say the classes really lifted my spirit in life and healing. I thank Deep for introducing JOY back in my life. I believe this is the beginning of a better journey. Nameste."
- Veun Chin, Malaysia

"Enjoy every moment ..."

"Enjoy every moment during teacher training. Thank you very much! teacher Deep.Namaste :)"
- Julie Wong, Sabah Malaysia

"Inspires with his own example..."

"Tantra Yin Yoga Training with Deep in New Delhi: a real jewel!!!! It's been a great opportunity and a great honour to have been able to participate in this very unique training, that for the first time integrates Yoga, Tantra and Tao without clashes. It brings the complementary aspects of each of these disciplines together, while keeping the essence that is common to all of them.

Not only the training is unique, Deep is a very unique yoga instructor that lives what he teaches and in this way it inspires with his own example. His approach is very sincere, as he shares what is in his heart and what he knows from direct experience (not just from the books), so much wisdom!!! At the same time it is lots of fun, resourceful, spontaneous, developing continuously, relaxing, meditative,... so many qualities and talents are shared through Deep! A great teacher to learn from and a great man to be around! ;-)
All the gratitude Deep!!! "
- Adelina Abad, Pedrosa Spain

"I found him to be loving, caring and knowledgeable ..."

"The Yin Yoga Training in Delhi with Deep was fantastic! I found him to be loving, caring and knowledgeable with loads of integrity and honor. He made the whole experience fun! I will definitely take more training with him in the future and without a doubt give him the highest of recommendations."
- Toni Casper, Texas USA

"More Optimistic perspective towards life ..."

"A total new journey in my learning path. Feeling so grateful and blessed to have you guiding me to explore more to inner self and personal growth. This has given me a more optimistic perspective towards life .......Thank You Teacher Deep.....Our 5 Star teacher....".
- Joyce Tee Huey Chin, Malaysia

"A true healing method to release trauma and tensions ..."

"I feel lucky and blessed to have been a participant in Deep's Neo Tantra Yin YTT in New Delhi / Dec 2014. After one week only I felt so much more as well energized, grounded & healthy as well deeply relaxed & balanced in my whole being.I discovered Tantra Yin Yoga as a true healing method to release trauma and tensions which are stored in our body/mind.

Deep has a big hart and enormous understanding about using various yoga, breathing and meditation techniques as an effective healing method and therapeutic device.I really admire his effort which he puts in each student to get the best & most benefit of what he had to offer of his wisdom, love & laughter.

Thank you so much, dear Deep, for this beautiful amazing healing & learning experience! Definitely will join you for another training in future."
- Ma Anand Ambaar, Germany

"Awesome teacher ..."

"No bull shit! Awesome teacher!"
- Pei Ling Ng, Malaysia

"Amazing beautiful journey ..."

"An honor and a blessing to have you as my teacher. It has been an amazing journey and this beautiful journey continues. Namaste :)"
- LiLian Lim, Malaysia

“Clear understanding about corrent asanas ...”

“I had the pleasure to be in Deep's company as a host for 3 weeks in Egypt. Deep is a bundle of joy and has an overflow of happiness that affects everyone around him.

I took the yin yoga TTC with Deep, which gave me a clear understanding about the correct asanas, my body, my breath, that didnt just help me with my Yoga practice but with my life in general!

Thank you Deep for coming to egypt and helping so many students ♥”
- Abir Shakineh Yehia, Egypt

"Feeling peaceful, happy, energised ..."

“Deep is one of the best yoga teachers around. His yoga philosophy is profound and comes from the very core of the original yoga taught by the old yogis in India. If you go to his class you will leave it feeling peaceful, happy, energised and at one with yourself and the universe. ”
- Catherine Reynauld, Malaysia

"Wonderful trainer with solid body and mind ..."

“Deep – everyone in TTC loves Deep as he has proven himself to be a Dedicated, Enriching, Entertaining & Passionate Teacher Trainer. That’s DEEP! A simple, humble man yet knowledgeable in the world of Yoga and SIMPLICITY is what he adores most! This makes it easy for us to learn and you could really join TTC even if you are just a beginner. You can grow along with the intermediate or Advanced Yogis… and everyone brings back knowledge that applies to them either on asana alignment (body), life philosophy (mind) and spiritual development.

It’s definitely worthwhile to spend 3 months with Deep and 200 hours is just a beginning for most of us.

PLUS, I have now an extended family made up of my TTC’s coursemates (some are Seniors). We love each other and enjoy chatting day and nite… haha.. YES, we’ve moulded ourselves into a close-knit family.

Yoga, according to Deep, is to bring out the happiness in you and he really did it thru this unique teacher training program. I’ll love to see you joining this March session and welcome you personally to this wonderful family!

Not to forget Maizan, another teacher trainer in the program. I’ve made Maizan my IDOL since the first time I met her 6 months ago! Wonderful trainer with solid body and mind, coupled with her great knowledge in Pilates and Energy Core. No word to describe her but someone I really adore!!

See you then in March.. don’t procrastinate your decision to join as I have a feeling that Deep will somehow travel around the world and share his Yoga knowledge to all beings. Catch him while he’s still in Malaysia!! ”
- Lee Yet Yean, Malaysia

"A true yoga teacher ..."

“I knew within the first few moments of meeting Gurumukh that he was a true yoga teacher who does not merely practice and teach yoga, but truly lives by it in each moment. I have been fortunate to have been around many great yoga teachers, and none of them with as deep a commitment and complete understanding of yoga as him. If you are looking to learn yoga in it's truest form, you couldn't find anyone better in all of India. He has the ability to take difficult to understand concepts and turn them into relatable experiences for his students. Everyone in our training immediately fell in love with him and shared a deep connection to his teaching style which is full of laughter, joy, love and insight. He is not just a teacher but a dear friend, a mentor, and a student himself. I feel so, so lucky to have met him and to be able to call him my friend.”
-Adam Carney, Los Angeles, CA

"A good sense of empathy and flexibility ..."

“Gurumukh was my philosophy teacher during my teacher training and I think that he is one of the most inspiring persons I met . In his philosophy classes he was sharing the ancient and traditional practices of yoga as well as talking on many philosophical questions of a great importance then and now. With a good sense of empathy and flexibility he was open to explore whatever came up in the class , picking up every student on his own level of understanding . Gurumukhs words are profound and deep but still there is always a lot of space for joy and laughter. He is one of those teachers with whom you feel that they are living their wisdom every single day . Under his gentle and warm guidance we could create a space for gaining a deeper understanding how important love and togetherness are. In Meditation classes we explored many different ways and techniques to find meditation and exchanged our experiences. The compound of deep wisdom and his spreading joy personality is very authentic and unique and touched my heart deep inside.”
-Lena Borowski, Germany

"Beautiful crazy moments ..."

“Philosophy lectures with our smiley Guru Mukh were definitely my favourite. I connected with him instantly, day by day I felt more at ease by listening to his stories and life experiences. He has become much more than an ordinary teacher. He's an amazing friend, with whom we shared so many beautiful moments in Goa. From very challenging asana lessons and inspirational philosophy classes to relaxing evenings in local restaurants and walks along the beach. Still giggling inside, when thinking about him passing by on a pushbike and me offering my hand as driving pass on a scooter, to give him an extra push. :) Can't believe he accepted it... Beautiful crazy moments.”
-Darina, London

"I live my life happy and free ..."

“I have never been much of a religious person, and only found spirituality a few years back when starting my yoga practice. For about a 10 year period, I kept finding myself in one terrible situation after another, and not knowing how to cope and move forward, but life goes on and so do we. That’s until I met Guru Mukh and all that changed. I decided to come to India because of a dream I had, yes sounds absurd but I knew it was my path. After the long trip around the world to include trains, planes, and tuk tuks I found a little village tucked away in the Himalayas. I was a long way from home and a bit unsure of this decision. Then I met Guru Mukh, and everything around me became a bit lighter and filled with love and grace. Guru Mukh taught our Philosophy class, and I couldn’t dream of a better person to do it. He taught us about life and love and how to be present in your journey. I learned from my past, look forward to my future, and am thrilled to be in the present today. But this was not just my story, he changed the lives of the 32 other yogis from around the world, all looking to find peace and growth. I will forever cherish our time together, and will always be grateful. Today I live my life happy and free. Thank you G”
-Nikki, USA

"A true example of great teaching practice ..."

“Sumit is a true example of great teaching practice. He delivered the anatomy modules in a uniquely coherent, assimilated way. Not only were his classes informative and thorough but also enjoyable.

From the execution of the anatomy content to delivering his expertise in an interesting and valuable way, I feel very confident and look forward in now transferring this knowledge to my students as a new yoga teacher”
-Janine Jauvel, UK

"Truly and inspiration ..."

“During my month long stay in Bali, Dr. Sumit Sharma was my anatomy and physiology professor. Dr. Sharma is truly an inspiration. He has a solid foundation of the material and finds unique ways to engage and challenge his students. Throughout my time in India, Dr. Sharma always demonstrated an enormous wealth of information as well as an infectious passion for the subject matter. I highly recommend him as a teacher.”
-Megan Lear, USA

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