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About Online Yoga School

We’re calling into question this popular online yoga teacher training program to see what it’s really all about. With the Covid-19 pandemic locking everyone indoors, anxiety and stress levels are on the rise. For this reason, Online Yoga School has decided to bring Yoga Teacher Training straight to its students and partners through online platforms. Due to the current COVID-19 situation as of May 2020, Yoga Alliance allows registration of online TTC up to September 30, 2020 (earlier it was June 30, 2020).

The Online Yoga School offers a certified Yoga Alliance Training curriculum founded by the Yoga and Ayurveda Center. Yoga and Ayurveda center was established by Stephanie Mitchell: who is a master’s degree holder in counseling and has been a Yoga trainer for more than two decades.

The training’s core mission is to make yoga training accessible, affordable, and safe for everyone aspiring to be a Yoga teacher. Who can make the best trainer other than someone who has had decades of experience in training and teaching yoga classes? Additionally, yoga is a crucial source of inner peace and outer strength that helps people fighting anxiety, stress, depression, and general body weakness, and everyone deserves to have access to its training.

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Why Should you Join the Online Yoga School?

Is the Online Yoga School worth it? The answer is a big YES!

Enrolling in this yoga school not only allows you to earn your 200-hour yoga training certificate; but also provides long-lasting yoga experience and a collaborative virtual learning environment full of support from the trainers.

Here is a sneak peek into what the training has to offer;

200 Hour Certification That Enables You To Register With Yoga Alliance

Well, this is an essential part of the training. A 200 Hour Certification qualifies you as a professional Yoga trainer.

Online Immersion

Involves thoroughly engaging online classes with set guidelines and deadlines.

Compatible With Any Device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC)

You can access your online learning platform anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Live Zoom Sessions

To make sure that you are not alone, live zoom sessions with your trainers and class group members are scheduled throughout the course.

Mentorship and Support

The trainers provide continuous mentorship support throughout the entire period of the course.

Numerous Bonuses

RYT 200 online course offers several significant bonuses. These include:

  1. Bonus Enrollment certifications; Yoga Alliance Continuing Education -Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification, Chair Yoga Teacher Certification, Ayurveda Specialist Certification, 10 Days of Meditation Enrollment
  2. Bonus Teaching Tools; Bonus Sample Business Forms, Yoga Teacher Resume & Cover Letter Kit, E-Book “The Business of Yoga Explained,” 200+ Creative Yoga Class Themes, Yoga Playlist Library.
  3. Bonus Continuing Education Tools; New Video Content Emailed Weekly, Anatomical Pose Breakdowns Emailed Weekly, Sequences Emailed Weekly, Playlists, Inspiring Quotes & More Helpful Teaching Material Emailed Weekly.
  • Free Lifetime Membership to an Online Community that Shares Sequences, Ideas, and Support!

Additionally, the Online Yoga School offers a monitored self-paced program with a flexible timeline to achieve Yoga Alliance deadlines. The course has a wide range of topics to be studied and offers relevant texts.

As part of the center’s mission is to enhance the affordability of online training, the training is priced at extremely pocket-friendly installments!

  • Pay in Full @ $385.00 one-off payment
  • Pay in 5 installments; @$85.00
  • Pay in 6 installments; @$75.00

These payment options ensure that you can start your training even if you can’t make the full one-time payments.

Online Yoga School (Yoga & Ayurveda Centre) Reviews

Since its inception, Online Yoga School has had many outstanding graduates who have always yearned to share their experience with prospective applicants. Here are a few samples from the school’s review and social media pages.

“Online Yoga School has been handy during the covid-19 pandemic, which has limited movement and travel… It is a lovely school and an online experience…” Amy, USA.

“I am starting up my own business…Holistic Yoga. Having my certificate was the most important part of this training. I love knowing I can safely teach, and my students will have more confidence in knowing I’m certified…” Virginia Norman

“I am forever grateful for the way yoga has seeped into my life over the last eight years and changed the way I view life as a whole. Every class I teach, I leave feeling so full of life and gratitude. Being able to utilize your passion with others is everything.” Delaney

“My mission as a yoga trainer is to help people connect to their body and spirit so they can find more peace and strength within them. I have completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, and I am a certified Yoga instructor. I offer classes by accommodating the students’ different levels, ages, and backgrounds, thanks to the Online Yoga School!” Wong

“After doing my research, this class had the most to offer and was extremely reasonably priced… It was straightforward to navigate, and whenever you had any question, Steph was quick to respond. Will forever take classes through the online yoga School!!!” April

“Online Yoga School structures the discipline of yoga into a full academic and practicum program complete with in-depth anatomy classes to ensure students are well rounded and started on the path to specialization. I highly recommend OYS to ALL yogis and would-be yoga beginners for a full-depth yoga indoctrination!” Hex

“Don’t misunderstand an Online Training: this is a beautiful, sincere, serious, and professionally such as training took in a studio. Appreciated!”

“So informative & well organized. I love the course was enjoyable on so many points. Very informative & You did a fantastic job in organizing everything around. It’s my pleasure to be certified from Yoga & Ayurveda center. Truly grateful for this opportunity.” Antonio

Online Yoga School Coupon Code

The online Yoga school is currently offering a 10% off coupon on course registration to cushion our new applicants from the current global economic constraints with coupon code “SIDDHI


To sum it up, Online Yoga School offers an excellent opportunity for prospective Yoga teachers to receive their training without the need to travel and attend physical classes. It has indeed revolutionized Yoga classes globally. Sign Up Now


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