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Yolanta Janic

GYMEA BAY, Australia

Training Certifications
RYS 200, RYS 300

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Why I Teach
Yoga has provided me with knowledge and tools that I use every day. Yoga has thought me to slow down and develop more self-awareness. From the Ayurvedic point of view, I am the Rajasic Pitta Vata type. I have yoga to thank for mellowing me out, for softening my edges, and bringing me to the present moment. I teach yoga to improve the overall well-being of my students, to bring them closer to their inner selves. By teaching I witness my students experiencing their yoga in different ways, and next class going deeper into the experience of yoga. I believe in the transformative, healing, rejuvenating, restorative and uplifting powers of yoga. I feel like by teaching yoga I make a positive difference.

2016 - RYS 200 at Siddhi Yoga Dharamshala India 2017 - 198 Hrs. Intensive Yoga Course "Yoga & Ayurveda". 2017 - 220 Hrs. Teacher Training Course at Himalayan Yoga Centre Dharmakot India 2018 - Ayurveda Consult Level I at Shivani Ayurveda Dharmakot India 2019 - current Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training at Marrickville Yoga Centre 2021 - RYS 300 Siddhi Yoga

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