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Mirta Mojica


Styles of Yoga/Subject of Interest
Hatha - Restorative - Therapeutic Stretching

English - Spanish

Why I Teach
Graduating with Siddhi School from Rishikesh, India is one of the most beautiful goals I have accomplished. I want to share the learning process I experienced from my teachers. They taught me about the awareness of our body health, the compassion and love through this journey. Yoga known as unity as it truly it is, have united me to my whole. I want my students to feel the same way or even better through my teaching,

For 24 years I was living a city busy life in Panama, but after I moved to Costa Rica in 2014 I was introduced to yoga by friends. I've got lucky to experience and practice different types of yoga since then. One of my remarkable experiences was when I was invited to volunteer for the Ashram of Shri Mahavatar Babaji founded by Ma Shivā Mayi in Costa Rica. Later on, I started to travel around the world because of work but I always stayed with the fundamental basics of Yoga in mind. Furthermore, I began to get more interested, involved with other cultures as I went along my travels especially in Asia. And the further you go, the more you know, so I discovered that it was a healing channel for me. It guided me through various depths of grief, depression, and anxiety. My physical practice (Asanas and Pranayama) through these years also helped me with endurance, a healthier and stronger body. My healing will grow in strides through continuous learning and teaching. I agree with the traditional yogi's belief that we co-exist to exchange positive energy with one another (healing and love) already present in our system. But we must learn how to listen to our bodies and take action against those obstacles (physical and mental) that are disturbing the natural function of our system. The key is balance, by finding balance, we find happiness, by finding happiness, we find healing and only then we get to balance ourselves again. And that should be our main priority. Don't resist your body, the choice is yours!

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