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Melissa Mundie

Melissa Mundie

Glasgow, United Kingdom (UK)

Training Certifications

Styles of Yoga/Subject of Interest
Multi Style

Where I Teach

English and Swedish

Why I Teach
Yoga is my way of life, and I love to share this wonderful knowledge with those who may benefit from it. Yoga for me is about finding balance in all that we do.

Hello! I'm Mel 21 from Glasgow, Scotland. Currently living in Sweden. Studying Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Glasgow and Lunds Universitet. On the other side, I'm trying to live my yoga through all that I do. Finding a little more balance day after day. I love to learn and exchange new ideas, on absolutely anything; I am a very social being! Spreading the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda to anyone who may be interested, or in need, brings me great joy. I love to help people grow. Namaste! Mel

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