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Holly Sepety

Henrico, United States (US)

Training Certifications

Styles of Yoga/Subject of Interest
Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Pranayama, Kundalini, Bhakti, Mantra

Where I Teach
United States, Online

English, ASL, French, Hindi, Spanish

Why I Teach
LOVE!!! I love yoga and I love this world. I want to create a safe and loving space for people to heal and help others learn tools to bring more peace, joy and health into their lives and into this world.

I am a biologist, artist, musician and mama with a whole lot of love and knowledge to share. I am reiki certified and a non-denominational ordained minister. I love science and spirituality and have a passion for learning about divination and religions. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years to help with back pain and strength. I am amazed at what our bodies can do more and more every day and recently decided to share this amazing journey with others and look forward to teaching people how to be more healthy and that their bodies can heal and are so much more capable (I am walking proof *pun intended as I have had 2 major foot surgeries and have metal in both feet*). I am looking forward to incorporating sound healing into my practice as physics and geometry have always fascinated me and am blown away by the more I learn about 108 and 432. I also enjoy creating meditation and divination tools, especially crystal mala necklaces, and have some listed in an Etsy shop: & a . Thank you for reading! Om Hare Om, Love, Light & Logos, Holly

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