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Alexis Tay Yan Tin

Livry-Gargan, France

Training Certifications

Styles of Yoga/Subject of Interest
Hatha, Vinyasa, Flow, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini

Where I Teach
Paris, France

English, French

Why I Teach
I found my inner bliss through Yoga. It healed and transformed me from a depressed addict to someone who loves life. I want to share this powerful life-changing discipline with anyone who's keen to learn. Yoga helps us deeply connect with ourselves and takes our awareness to a whole new level.

I am a Singaporean teacher currently based near Paris, France. I have over 10 years of dance experience and graduated with a psychology degree from Monash University. Today, Yoga is my main passion although I am also an artist. A normal day for me looks like walking my German Shepard in the morning, doing 1-2 hours of Yoga and Mediation, teaching, and learning. I draw, paint, sing, and dance on some days. I also love walking in forests.

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