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For over 5,000 years, Ayurveda has helped humans heal mind, body, and spirit
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Prerequisite: You Must have Completed Principles of Ayurveda Course

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Chapter 1 Shadkriya Kala (6 Stages of Pathway of Disease), Ayurveda Concept of Diseases Manifestation

  • What is Shadkriya Kala?
  • Why or how is it Important? 
  • What are Six Types?  
  • Understanding Each Stage and their Symptoms?  
  • Treatment Approach and Management Protocols for Different Stages of Shadkriya Kala item four

Chapter 2 Concept of Ama (Mother / Root of Most Ailments in the Human Body) 

  • What is Ama?  
  • How Ama is formed?  
  • Qualities of Ama? 
  • Concept of Agni and Ama?  
  • What are the ama causing factors?
  • Difference Between ama and Kapha? 
  • General Symptoms of Ama
  • How Ama Influences/Impact the Body? 
  • How Ama Influences the Doshas?  
  • How to Assess Your Ama Level or Ama Test?  
  • How to Balance Ama dosha?  

Chapter 3 Concept of Strotas (Channels) in the Management of Disease

  • What is Strotas?  
  • How Strotas Look Like?  
  • Understanding Strotas  
  • How are Strotas formed?  
  • What are the functions of Strotas?
  • Importance of Strotas How Many Types of Strotas?  
  • Strotas and Their Understanding as Well as Functionality 
  • Relation Between Strotas and Root 
  • Strotas and its Roots  Components of Strotas  
  • Causes of Strotas Dushti  
  • How to Assess Your Strotas Dushti? 
  • How Strotas can be Kept in a Healthy and Good State? 

Chapter 4 Role/Understanding of Rasa (Taste), Virya(Potency), Vipaka(Post Digestion Impact) in Balancing of Vitiated Dosha

  • What is Rasa? 
  • Types of Rasa  
  • What is Vipaka? 
  • Types of Vipaka  Six Taste and Their Vipaka  
  • What is Virya?  
  • Types of Virya Comparative Virya Analysis of Various Taste 
  • What is Prabhava? 
  • Understanding Prabhava and its Importance

Chapter 5 Basic Secrets Behind Balancing of Unbalanced State of Doshas

  • Concept of Similar and Opposite  
  • Relative Hierarchy of Rasa Vipaka, Virya and Prabhava  
  • Utilization of Rasa Virya, Vipaka, and Prabhava in Practical Approach  
  • Impact on Single Dosha 
  • Impact on Double Dosha Combinations  
  • Impact on Triple Dosha 

Chapter 6 Fundamental and Golden Approach in the Management of Vitiated Vata Dosha

  • Common Disorders Caused by Vata  
  • General Approach for Vata Management 
  • A specific approach for Vata Management  
  • Management of Sama Vata and Nirama Vata  
  • Herbs for Sama Vata and Nirama Vata 
  • Common Herbs for Vata Affecting Bone Diseases  
  • Golden Milk and its Importance 

Practicing Ayurvedic Doctor

vikas kumar
Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangotra
Mohali, India
Master of Asana & Teaching Techniques

Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangotra grew up in a family who practiced Ayurveda every day. This experience gave him a deep appreciation for vedic healing practices that have been used in India for over 5,000 years. When he graduated from one of the oldest universities in North India with a degree in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery in 2009, the real journey began. Dr. Sangotra graduated with honors, earning a gold medal in the presence of Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, President of India.

Dr. Sangotra went on to earn an M.D. in Internal Medicine and complete research in the area of male infertility and Ayurveda, which deepened his knowledge of holistic health. In 2015, Dr. Sangotra completed yoga teacher training and began including yoga in his Ayurveda workshops.

As a student of Dr. L. Mahadevan, Dr. Sangotra studied Guna Siddhanta and panchakarma. He also worked for five years as an assistant professor at a renowned Ayurveda hospital in Punjab, North India, where he helped beginning doctors of Ayurveda learn to teach it to others. His passion for Ayurveda also led him to the ancient art of diagnosis called Nadi Chikitsa, or Pulse Diagnosis, which his practice offers today. Dr. Sangotra became an advanced Panchakarma Specialist with the help of the Joint Research Institute in Kerala, South India, and he further enhanced his clinical skills by learning the art of Marma Chikitsa.

Dr. Sangotra enjoys guiding others towards healing body, mind, and soul using the ancient principles of Ayurveda.

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