Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Switzerland

As we all know Yoga has been around for almost 5,000 years and it is formed by a civilization in Northern India which is called the “Indus-Sarasvati.” As time passed by the practice of Yoga spread throughout the world not only in India but also in Europe and other continents.

Just like in Switzerland, where you can learn how to train yoga on different highly-reputable schools that will surely increase your knowledge whatever skill set level do you belong to. Most commonly those schools offer conventional Hatha and Vinyasa yoga courses. To help you in your decision making we have compiled the various yoga teacher training schools that are available in Switzerland.

Yoga Life – Zurich

This yoga training center is offering a 200 hours yoga teacher training from July 5 to December 1, this year. This institution believes that proper yoga training is required to produce excellent results because not all trainers come from a medical background. This is the primary reason why they are aiming to teach their students according to their specific needs.

With the help of trainers that built years of expertise in providing the right training, you will surely learn the different holistic yoga programs that target the various parts of our body such as our bones, joints, muscles, and tissues. The courses are also aimed at teaching the basics of the anatomy of the human body so that you can be able to manage different kinds of students in the near future without any mistakes.

This school has an RYT 500 certification that will guarantee to learn. However, there is a prerequisite to their courses although they do not discriminate any school because it is open to students of any school but you must already have a 200-hour certified yoga teacher certification.

Nico Luce Yoga – Zurich

Nico Luce a well-known yogi that has been doing and conducting yoga trading for over a decade. He is very keen on the different lineages of yoga and integrates the philosophies of the eastern world into a real-life action, which gives you the ability to experience the mystic and wonders of yoga.

Nico’s techniques are a continuous process that will let you enter the world of yoga and at the same time enhance the knowledge that is crucial for you in becoming an effective yoga teacher. You will know how to produce very likable sequences and train your students about asana very well. Vast knowledge of the basics of human anatomy and physiology will give you the self-esteem that is required for you to become an effective teacher.

In six months time, you will be undergoing six 4-day weekend workshops. After you finished the course you will be awarded a Yoga Alliance accredited certificate.

Airyoga School – Zurich

Airyoga school a training center for people who wants to learn more to become an effective yoga teacher has been founded in 2005 and until now it provides the world-class training that you will need.

The good thing with this school is that even you cannot understand the English language you can still learn from this school because you have the option to choose the German version of the lessons. It has a complete course of Hatha Yoga and it ought to be tackled into nine modules.

This school is perfect for yoga practitioners that have been practicing yoga for quite some time because the knowledge that they will get from this school will truly enhance their knowledge. However, the school is quite strict when it comes to requirements for you to graduate in their course as you must pass their written exams in Anatomy, Asana, Philosophy, and practical exam.

Sanapurna Center – Zurich

It is proven that teachers become effective in training their students if they are well-trained because they will be ready for the different situations that they will encounter while they are teaching. With regards to that Sanapurna Center in Zurich is one great school that you should consider.

It is a Yoga Alliance accredited school and is composed of highly-qualified trainers and a curriculum that discusses the conventional knowledge in yoga but also anatomy, restorative yoga, and how to become an effective teacher.

However, there are some requirements if you want to enroll in this school. You must already have at least one year of experience in yoga. Lastly, you must always attend your classes and never skip it without any grave reason at all.

Indiv Yoga – Nyon

This Indiv Yoga is founded by Charlie Stewart-Brown because she wants to get rid of the anxieties that adults are experiencing in their everyday life by practicing yoga.

It is perfect in our modern generation because it combines the modern and traditional style of yoga but does not compromise the benefits that you can get from it.

The courses are based on 4 directions such as moral ethics, the balance of the mind and body as well as providing inner calm and strength.

This yoga school is offering an RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course and it is one of the most versatile courses worldwide that is creating teachers that are competitive and well-versed in what they will teach.

Yogassva – Magglingen

This yoga training center will teach aspiring yoga teachers the proper techniques that they can use to train their students. The good thing with the techniques that you can learn from this school is very beneficial because the yoga techniques can be mixed well with the medical intervention and other types of natural healing techniques.

Once you enroll in this yoga school you will be required to accomplish a simple prerequisite which is to attend a seminar of five meetings and it will be facilitated by your course leader.

This training school offers a massive number of yoga techniques on its curriculum that will deepen your knowledge more and will surely let you learn new things that you can integrate on your teaching career.

Sundari Yoga – St. Gallen

Since 2014, Sundari Yoga has been providing excellent training to its student teachers some useful yoga techniques that they can use on their teaching career. The students who successfully finished the course will have the ability to become part of the Yoga Alliance and will be a registered yoga teacher (RYT200).

It is both suitable for people that have just a few years on their belt teaching yoga and for the ones that have been teaching for several years already. The school requires a few requirements for the participant to comply such as physical and mental wellness and at least 2 years of experience in practicing yoga.

Living Buddha – Basel

If you are a yoga teacher that is planning to enhance your knowledge in traditional yoga and Vinyasa, Living Buddha training school is here to help you with that stuff.

Student teachers that are enrolled in this yoga training school will train you in different practices in Asanas, meditations, pranayama, and many more. The trainers are German-speaking yoga experts that will guide you throughout the course.

You’ll also tackle the different topics that are interrelated with yoga such as anatomy, proper breathing, and many more.

Did you know?

Have you enjoyed the list? I am sure you are, as you learned the different yoga teacher training schools that are available to help you to achieve your yoga teacher training goals.

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