Top 7 Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Sydney

If you are currently living in Sydney and want to train people in learning yoga then we suggest you try these yoga trainings that you can avail. You can learn a lot of things and at the same time transform you into a better person.

Yoga School of India

the best yoga training in sydney

Yoga School of India is an international yoga and meditation school. They now offer courses in Sydney with Indian teachers. These teachers are very well-experienced in Ayurvedic wisdom and medicine. Not just that, you’ll be taught also with the anatomy and physiology. The course is rooted in the ancient ways of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Yoga Sutras.

When you graduate on this course, you’ll be able now to teach yoga classes with ease and confidence using all the knowledge learned from Yoga School of India.

Balance Yoga

the best yoga teacher training in sydney

Balance Yoga will give you a very flexible course as you can afford it during your busy weekdays.

Whether you are already a professional yoga teacher, or just wanted to dive deeper into the knowledge of various yoga aspects. Kylie Hennessy, the one who leads the teaching staff here in Balance Yoga have 20 years of experience as a yoga teacher and a massage therapist. They will teach you the knowledge of physiology and anatomy from every perspective.

Body Mind Life

the best yoga teacher training schools in sydney

Body Mind Life is one of the leading yoga teacher training schools in Sydney because their studios are just well-created to make you feel comfortable. They are a member of the Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia.

They will teach you the skills you need to have, to confidently teach a yoga class. The focus of their course is Vinyasa Yoga then will be followed up with the principles of Hatha, Yin Yang, and alignment techniques.

You can choose between part-time and full-time courses, it is up to you what will fit in with your schedule especially if you have a job or depending on your lifestyle.

Their main studio in Surry Hills was perfectly created to follow sacred geometry guidelines which makes it a harmonious and peaceful place to start a yoga training. In such an environment, you can gather and process the knowledge with ease and comfortability.

PowerLiving Australia

the best yoga teacher training programs in sydney

Consisting of four modules, PowerLiving is a very unique yoga teacher training school. They teach these four modules to mold aspiring yoga teachers slowly but surely.

For the first module, you’ll be taught about the history of Raja Yoga, philosophy and anatomy. The third one is more of self-practice and applying all the things you’ve learned. After the third module, the fourth one will be your accreditation, and you’ll now become a certified yoga teacher.

In the fee includes the manuals, accommodation, and meals for the retreat.


the top yoga teacher training programs in sydney

This yoga teacher training course will help you unleash your inner teaching skills, and from there they’ll start helping you to enhance it through the various aspects of yoga. They aim to make you a confident and effective yoga teacher who will teach yoga on other students and aspiring yoga teachers.

The venue is in Surry Hills and the course will last for a full time in the span of one month. They offer both part-time and full-time courses, so it’s up to you what schedule it will be. Throughout the course, you’ll learn all about the philosophy, anatomy, proper alignments, modifications, and meditation.

Dancing Warrior Yoga

the top yoga teacher training schools in sydney

Another 200-hour yoga teacher training course that will help you bring out the inner teacher in you. Dancing Warrior Yoga offers a free seminar so that you can meet their instructors, and have an insight into the subjects that they’re going to teach throughout the course.

They only limit their students to 16 per batch, in this way, the students can interact and absorb knowledge precisely. There is so much to offer here at Dancing Warrior Yoga, so don’t miss out the chance, as it will surely give you a life-changing experience.


yoga teacher training in sydney

In SukhaMukha there are two options for the part-time 200-hour course you can choose from. For the first one, it is a 5 month, 7 hours a week, and the second is a 3 month of intensive weekends. Depending on your choice, after you graduate, you should complete a 40 hour of self-practice.

The course is divided into small groups, and their main focus here is Hatha Vinyasa, together with its philosophy, pranayama, and meditation. They also offer courses for kids and pregnant women which is a rare opportunity to be given in such yoga schools.

Do you know?

At the same price in Sydney, you can do your all inclusive yoga teacher training in Bali in a luxrious resort.

If your budget is tight, you may want to take a look at our 200-hour yoga training in Dharamshala which is all inclusive @ $1280 and 300-Hour @ $1880 and 500-Hour @ $3280. If you are not sure where to attend yoga teacher training in India, you may want to take a look at our teacher training page.

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