Best Yoga Training Schools in South Africa

If you are currently living in South Africa and want to teach Yoga professionally then we recommend you to try these yoga trainings that you can avail. You can learn a lot of things and at the same time transform you into a better person.

Jim Harrington Yoga – Cape Town

the best yoga training in south africa

Jim Harrington is known for being the most popular yoga teacher in South Africa’s yoga community. In 2005, Jim was registered as an Experienced Yoga Teacher, being the highest ranking in the Yoga Alliance.

The course is open to those aspiring yoga teachers and for those simply who wants a deeper understanding of the principles and philosophy of yoga.

Yoga with Karin Khune – Cape Town

the best yoga teacher training in south africa

This yoga teacher training program is a combination of the study of yoga and volunteer work. The lead teacher, Karin, promotes selfless service through yoga practice. Which can help to enhance ones’ spiritual life together with the physical growth.

By applying on this course, it means that you are willing to volunteer, and by volunteering, you’ll be able to see all the circumstances the people of South Africa faces. With all the experience and stories on the journey, these factors can help you inspire others once you are already teaching yoga.

Guru Ram Das – Cape Town

the best yoga teacher training schools in south africa

If you are already practicing yoga for a long time or just a beginner, you can apply here at Guru Ram Das, as they will teach you all the much-needed knowledge and understanding on the various aspects of yoga. Throughout the course, you’ll be able to see yourself transform slowly from a student to a yoga teacher.

This program strictly follows the 100% attendance rule, which means if you’re going to apply here, you must fully dedicate your time here to become a certified yoga teacher.

The Wellness Connection – Hout Bay, Cape Town

the best yoga teacher training programs in south africa

With a small studio, there is no wonder that The Wellness Connection accepts only small groups of students, but they will surely transform into effective and professional yoga teachers.

There is no physical requirement for this training as long as you are willing to invest time in practices. Throughout the course, you’ll learn different poses and postures, as well as the anatomy of it, the modifications, and alignments.

Yoga Life – Cape Town

the top yoga teacher training programs in south africa

Here at Yoga Life, they will teach you the necessary things needed in order for you to become a professional and inspiring yoga teacher. The course includes psychology and the eastern philosophy of yoga.

They will teach you here the practice of asana, alignment, anatomy, physical practice and the physiology. The training lasts for over 2 months with attendances on weekends.

Asanga – Cape Town

the top yoga teacher training schools in south africa

Asanga is one of the oldest schools in South Africa, running for about 20 years already. They focus on teaching classical yoga with the body, mind, soul, and breathing.

Their goal is to make aspiring yoga teachers become inspiring and efficient, in this way, they’ll become successful. Asanga is certified by Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Warrior – Johannesburg

yoga teacher trainings in south africa

This yoga teacher training school is consisted of 8 compulsory intensive training weekends for over 5 months. With each weekend of practice, various yoga postures will be taught, standard yoga class, self-study, and homework.

They require you to have at least 6 months of yoga practice and about 45 classes taken at Yoga Warrior. They will add another 20 classes in order for you to get your certification.

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