Best Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Singapore

Singapore is loaded with various schools that offer yoga teacher training. We all have different preferences and you must find the best one that suits your needs and preferences. To help you in your decision making, we created a rundown of the best yoga schools in Singapore below.

Tirisula Yoga

best yoga teacher trainings in singapore

This yoga school targets to lead the students through various techniques, styles, and fundamentals of yoga to let them practice yoga properly and teach their future students with high self-esteem. You will train yoga postures, know their Sanskrit names, you will have a grasp on the various breathing techniques and other related fields of yoga.

You can register for a weekend course which will run for 10 successive weekends, or you can do a 20 day full-time if you want to rush things up. There are no requirements for this course but it`s advisable to take part for a minimum of 20 classes at Tirisula Yoga prior to joining. The students who finished this yoga teacher training will get a Yoga Alliance certification. The expenses include the joining fee with Yoga Alliance, but it is not inclusive of the lodging and meals for the span of the course.

Yoga Mala

best yoga teacher training schools in singapore

The objective of the instructors in this yoga school is to enhance students with fundamental knowledge. On the span of your stay, you will accumulate skills in both teaching and personal growth. This school has a sturdy focus on anatomical and physiological knowledge. It also targets to share a more profound perceptive of the philosophy of yoga and your personal practice.

The course will also urge you to improve your personal creativity. While you are at this school, every class will compose a mixture of demos, lucid directions, constructive criticisms, and physical alteration. You can finish your course in a month that lets you to be full-time on your schooling, or take 7 long weekend workshops if that’s what you prefer. Once you graduate, you will be capable to join Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher.

Vyasa Singapore

best yoga teacher training programs in singapore

This school was founded by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana who has extensive experience in the field of yoga. The course tackles the crucial aspects of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and many more.

This will let you dive deeper on the knowledge of yoga as a whole. The program is created not only to share the knowledge of teaching yoga but also to guide you to start your way to better self-awareness and growth. The schooling takes place from Monday to Friday in a 25-day intensive type. The tuition fee is not inclusive of lodging and meals.

Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore

top yoga teacher trainings in singapore

This 200-hour registered Yin Yoga and Meditation YTT targets are to give out proper training for the people who have the urge to transform themselves into an effective yin yoga teacher. This is a type of yoga which can support people to have a sense of tranquility, be serene and ready their bodies and mind for contemplation.

Additionally, it can restore lasting joint and muscle problems. After graduation, you will have sufficient fundamentals to transform into the top yoga teacher that you can become. The primary focuses of the study will be yin yoga and a lot more knowledge that are related to yoga that you can use to become an effective yoga teacher.

After you have completed your schooling, you`ll be able to become a certified Yoga Teacher in Yoga Alliance.

Ohm Santih

top yoga teacher training schools in singapore

This yoga school produced an exclusive course that will deepen your personal yoga practice, increase your self-confidence, and put you with all the basic abilities and fundamentals required to be a prominent yoga teacher. The number of students is limited to half a dozen people at this course so this way there`s more time for conversing individual inquiries.

Constructing a community of unified people who love yoga is really crucial to this school so they have created a group of former students who attends gatherings from time to time. There you can tell them the happenings in your life, get advice on the shortcomings that you have, or just learn from each other’s experiences.

You`ll possess the selection to enter a weekend course over quarterly or a 1 and a half month full-time training for you to get your Yoga Alliance approved certificate.

Yoga Seeds

top yoga teacher training programs in singapore

This school will support you to make your practice more profound and bring your own practice to the next level, knowing your inner self as a yoga teacher.

The program in this school will provide you a stable foundation, giving you the fundamental skills and knowledge to cope up in the huge world of a yogic lifestyle. Your instructors will make you aware that there is so much more to these traditional ways than asanas.

The training will happen for over 2 months on weekends and Thursday night. At the conclusion of the training, there`s a weekend getaway at Bintan Island, Indonesia. This weekend will be focused on the major exams and graduation rates. You`ll get a chance to get out of the polluted city and enter yourself in the exciting world of yoga.

Hom Yoga

yoga teacher trainings in singapore

This school’s YTT programs have an overwhelming approach and they provide every person who joins them the most profound knowledge of yoga. This course consists of hypothetical and realistic components.

It is meant for students that want to impart their knowledge with others for the students to become more profound in their knowledge with yoga. In this school, you will know to find the truth, mixing it with your personal views and knowledge which gives you the ability to do it with your personal teaching style and tactic.

The primary course goals are the significance of teaching by hands-on experience and realize how being disciplined is a primary factor in every teacher. You can opt to finish your course in 20 days – 7 days a week format, or on a quarterly basis by attending school only on weekends.

Do you know?

You can take a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala or 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh at the half price of doing your YTTC in Singapore and that also all-inclusive.

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