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Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Bali, the most famous island in Indonesia, is known as the “land of the gods” for good reason. Many call it paradise on earth, and you probably will too after you’ve seen its looming volcanoes and lush, terraced rice fields that exude serenity. The beautiful nature surrounding Bali is one of the best reasons you should choose it as a destination for your Yoga Teacher Training.

Siddhi Yoga International – Ubud

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Siddhi Yoga International offers 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Ubud, Bali. This advanced teacher training will take you beyond the 200 Hour level and leave you ready to teach with confidence and depth. Study advanced poses, and learn to teach the basics with greater sophistication in one of the best yoga schools in the world.

Siddhi Yoga is a Yoga Alliance registered training center as a 200. 300 and 500-hour certification course.

Each phase of the asana study is informed by anatomy, alignment, and physiology, preparing you to apply that knowledge to every sequence you create.

Siddhi Yoga International offers unparalleled instruction and great value, and all of that in a warm, and supportive setting often described as family.

Each phase of the asana study is informed by anatomy, alignment, and physiology, preparing you to apply that knowledge to every sequence you create.

Moreover, spending time with Indian yoga masters which are well-known for being the best in the world is an incomparable way to enhance your practice and by doing so, strengthen your ability to share yoga with others.

So if you’re looking for yoga teacher training that offers both depth and affordability, Siddhi Yoga International is the best choice for you!

Santosha Yoga Institute – Nusa Lembongan

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Santosha Yoga teacher training is an inspiring journey of learning, self-discovery, and self-mastery. Whether you desire to add meaning to your life, change the path you are on, or the direction you’re heading. It’s an opportunity to break out of a rut, escape from the fast pace & the stress of daily life, to set your own direction and find your balance with your heart, mind, and body.

We know your heart and soul crave meaning, clarity, and freedom.

Your goal is the same as ours: to transform your life during. To take you from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow. Our greatest pride is being a part of your journey. Walking alongside you to help you live a joyful and fulfilled life, where you live each day following your true path as your authentic self, and embrace the happiness and beauty inside you.

Santosha Yoga Institute offers a course that will expand your knowledge about yoga after getting your certification on the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bali program.

They focus on enhancing your knowledge and experience of the ancient ways of yoga. Of course, in order to apply for a course here, you should be practicing yoga before and make sure that you are truly interested in diving deeper into the aspects of yoga.

Their goal for you is to transform your life and to take you from where you are now, and bring you to where you want to be in the future.

Physically, mentally and spiritually rewarding, Santosha Training certifications are some of the most comprehensive yoga practices in the world.

The training program will last for about 28 days.

Shades of Yoga – Ubud

the best yoga training schools in bali

Another 300-hour yoga teacher training program ( will help you deepen your knowledge of the things you’ve recently learned on your 200-hour yoga teacher training course. The goal of every yoga practice is to make a person transform to become a better version of themselves.

Shades of Yoga has over 10 years of experience in yoga teacher trainings. They bet on individual attention in small classes with up to 16 students.

They guide and provide you with the tools to attract a reality that is in line with your true being. They will teach you the benefits of a healthy body and mind, which leads to a healthier life.

What makes this course unique compared to others is that the last week of the training program every day is dedicated to silence and meditation. Don’t forget to check their yoga teacher training reviews.

Shades of Yoga family believes that yoga is for everyone, no matter your shape, size or experience levels. It’s not necessary to be young or even flexible. You just have to be.

Awakened Life School of Yoga – East Bali

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Awakened Life School of Yoga will take you on a deeper journey on the aspects of yoga you’ve learned recently on a 200-hour course. In this program, you’ll be able to attain new skills, learn Vinyasa yoga and refresh the recently learned ones.

This training is the place where bad habits can be broken, hearts can be healed, and stories re-written.

The venue for the training is located near a quiet seaside in East Bali. While on the training, you are allowed to explore the place, thus making this program an adventurous and memorable one

This is one of the training courses where habits can be broken. Hearts can be healed. Stories re-written. And new chapters begin. This is a place where love lives. And joy, too. Get ready to know what it’s like to be fully, truly alive!

Zuna Yoga – Ubud

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Zuna Yoga is a Yoga Alliance registered training center as a 300-hour certification course. In this yoga training school, they’ll help you learn the skills needed in order to teach yoga classes effectively, with ease and confidence. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to become an inspirational speaker and at the same time, you’ll develop your own.

Zuna Yoga takes care to professionally deliver yoga training programs for a big variety of yoga instructor certifications, however, their training programs are not only for those who want certification to teach yoga…

…They are for anyone who wants to get to know the experience and understanding of the powerful life skills that yoga can offer and how they can be used in our lives.

They facilitate professionally delivered yoga training courses for a variety of yoga instructor certifications, but their programs are not just for those seeking certification to teach yoga, they’re for anyone who desires to experience and understand more about the powerful life skills yoga offers and how they can be used to enrich our lives.

The training program lasts for 25 days and every day essential for those who have recently got their 200-hour certification.

Shivakali Yoga – Ubud

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The Shivakali Yoga, or also known as “Elemental Tantra Yoga Teacher Training” has a unique approach to teaching yoga philosophy through the 5 different elements: fire, air, water, earth, and space. They believe that each element has its own different aspects.

Throughout the training, you’ll be connected with these 5 elements. They focus on teaching alignment-based Vinyasa yoga, meditations, pranayama, and restorative postures.

The Shivakali Yoga Teacher School is to preserve and teach the ancient spiritual wisdom of Yoga, using creative sequencing and modern ideas of alignment, form, and physiology. Both the yoga teacher course, yoga retreat, workshop and class by their senior teachers offers the student a spiritual journey.

Yoga Cara – Tejakula, North Bali

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Yoga Cara is a 300-hour yoga teacher training program that offers 2 modules that will advance one’s knowledge about the aspects of yoga. The modules can be taken separately within 3 years’ time span, or take them both at the same time.

When you take the modules together, there will be 34 intensive days of the program you need to take. In order words, each module is 16 days long. The venue of the training program is at Villa Boreh.

What’s more, they offer a diverse range of classes to help enhance your health and well-being. They also offer individualized Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Pilates classes especially made for you and your personal needs and goals. All of these different types of teacher trainings can help reduce stress and produce a wide variety of major health benefits. You will notice the effects of a session immediately and for hours afterward. Private Individual & Group Classes, Corporate Classes, and Online Classes are all available.

So if you’re looking for wonderful practices that are a great way to take a break from a busy day and just nourish your mind and body.

They will take responsibility to support, motivate and inspire you, but they know that this means they have to start with themselves. To become better body-mind movement teachers, they are constantly educating themselves, striving for the mind and body balance in their own lives and discovering and rediscovering what fills them up with the needed joy, calm, and excitement.

They meet to share these discoveries with one another so that every student benefits not from one person’s knowledge but from the wisdom and experience of our family. When you study with them, you become part of a community that will support you throughout your journey.

Forrest Yoga – Ubud

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The Forrest Yoga offers a course that is based on Hatha yoga in Bali combining it with the modern style of yoga. The school’s name is based on the person who founded it, Ana T. Forrest. They focus on abdominal core work and different poses. Forrest Yoga is renowned globally as a powerfully physical, internally focused ceremonial yoga practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience from the yoga mat into daily life.

The training program will last for 25 intensive days and the venue for the training will be at Ubud, Bali. The food is not included in the price but there are packages you can afford that include food.

Do you know?

You can attend all-inclusive 200-hour yoga training in Dharamshala or Rishikesh starting from $1095. You will train with the topnotch yogi experts that will surely exceed your expectations and give you a lot of excitement while learning. Here are these pages for your reference.

Take a look at this article for all your questions related to attending yoga teacher training in India.

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