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This Is How You Do It

  • Promote SiddhiYoga on social media.
  • Write about Us On your blog and Articles.
  • Place SiddhiYoga Banners on Your Website.
  • Send your Affiliate Link To Your Email Subscribers.

  • Don’t False Advertise Siddhi Yoga in Any Manner.
  • Don’t change our logos and banners.
  • Don’t use your affiliate link for your own purchases.
  • Don’t offer unofficial discount & coupon codes.

How does it work?

siddhi yoga affiliate program

Affiliate Programme FAQ’s:

Q. Who can join the affiliate programme?

All our graduates are invited. Other than that, anyone with a website, blog, or social media may participate. Those with audiences interested in yoga, health, and travel are especially encouraged to participate.

Q. What types of integration do you offer?

We offer various types of integration like text links, banners, smart widgets and deep links to listing pages.

Q. What commission do I receive as an affiliate?

Your commission is a percentage of the total that Siddhi Yoga receives for the reservation. The more reservations made via your website, the higher the commission share becomes. The commission share is set monthly, based upon the number of finalized reservations per month.

SiddhiYoga will pay the Affiliate for each Materialized Transaction the Commission calculated over the Transaction Fee, by using a percentage commission for the number of Materialized Transactions, in accordance with the following table (the "Percentage Commission "):

Number of finalized reservations per monthcommission %


Q. When and how do you pay my commission?

At the beginning of each month we calculate your commission from the previous month. We then transfer your commission to your PayPal or bank account.

Q. Will I get the commission if someone is not able to attend the course after making the booking?

We have $300 or $600 non-refundable deposit. Once this amount is paid, you will still get the 10% commission OR 50% of deposit amount (whichever is lesser).

Q. How is an affiliate tracked?

When you promote our programs and services you use a referral URL which looks like this:


When a customer clicks it and lands on our website, the affiliate's ID (123 in the example above) is stored in a cookie, within the customer's browser. If the customer submits any website forms, it will be filed under your name. Later, when the customer pays to confirm his/her seat, 10% commission will be given to you.

Q. How do you track reservations made via my website?

We ensure you receive appropriate commission with a unique tracking ID. At the beginning of each month, we pay commission from the previous month.

Q. Is the affiliate tracked across all pages of the site?

Absolutely! Since the affiliate's ID is stored in a cookie, the affiliate is tracked across all pages on the site.

Q. How long does the tracking cookie stay in the customer's browser?

180 days. A user may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the affiliate will no longer be tracked. If a customer has submitted any forms during his/her visit to our website before the browser cookies are cleared, it will still be filed under your name.

Q. If a customer clicks on 2 different affiliate links from 2 different affiliates, which one is saved?

The first affiliate link that the customer clicks will store the affiliate's ID in a cookie and it cannot be overridden from the second link unless the cookie expires, or the customer clears their browser cookies and then clicks on the second link. Sale will be awarded to the first affiliate.

Q. How can I get in touch with the affiliate team?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at affiliates@siddhiyoga.com.

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